“Megabonus” will send the cashback to charity


Cashback-service “Megabonus” integrated on its website a new functionality, which opens the opportunity for any natural person to make donations to charity. The amount can be any. The donor does not need to spend their own money, enough to send to charity savings cashback returned for purchase. By and large, in the life of a man who decided to help, nothing changes. He doesn’t even need to look for information and details. Just select the button “transfer the cashback to charity”, click it and move on, do a good deed.

A new feature is implemented at the stage of withdrawal. When the user decides to withdraw the amount from your account, you will be asked to make a donation to a charitable organization. And then have a choice – you can spend the money on new purchases, you can display, but you can do a good deed and send someone who needs help right now. After all, a simple mechanism already created.


In the first phase of implementation of new functions “Megabonus” entered into an agreement with the center “Anton near here” (Charitable Fund “OUT IN PETERSBURG”), which supports people with autism spectrum disorders.

“Here we are not talking about company “Megabonus”, it only came up with a mechanism to facilitate the process and donate funds and help real people. All that they will to sacrifice, entirely without fee is transferred to Fund, we didn’t earn. Every month we will publish the report. We just want to attract people’s attention and remind everyone that there are those around us who need help right now, and this aid is not difficult. And now, it was easy, — said the founder of the cashback service “Megabonus” Anton Sukharev, — in Fact, if each of our 2 000 000 users and translate at least by 1 ruble, to help people with autism spectrum disorders, the Fund will be additional opportunities to help both children and adults with this disease. To Finance the programme of assistance to the parents, centres for early intervention or programme for the integration of people into society. It’s important to do now, since due to the reduction in large donations, some programs may be closed. In the near future we plan to expand the number of charity organizations and help more people.”

“Autism is one of the most common mental disabilities. It is not a disease but a condition that persists throughout life, it is impossible to stop or cure pills. told Zoya Popova, Executive Director of the charity Fund “Exit in Saint Petersburg” (the Center “Anton near here”) – the Mission of the Center is to help people with autism to reach their potential and integrate into society. For a person with autism continuity and consistency are very important, System support helps the Foundation to stop work with beneficiaries to children, adolescents and adults with autism can socialize, engage in Hobbies, to find a job. Cashback-service “Megabonus” with us makes available free assistance to people with autism and involves customers in the circle of those who are near”.

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