Memorial objects of the Royal Martyrs will be presented at the festival in Sumarokov

Part of the program of the traditional festival “Compound in the village of Sumarokovo” dedicated to the tragic date this year, in which pain and suffering, and to assess the past, and the light tihosti family happiness, joy, love, so many things. Talking about the centenary of the death of the Royal family.


8 Sep, festival day, Sumarokov will be presented a small exhibition of authentic objects that are carefully and lovingly throughout his life gathers well-known restorer and art historian A. V. Renjin. He created no single Museum devoted to the Imperial family. Today in Moscow there was founded a Museum of the Holy Royal Martyrs.

In Sumarokov, and note, this compound Novospassky monastery, which has repeatedly called for Tsar Nicholas II, will feature memorabilia, among which the coronation glasses, flatware with monograms and many other amazing items, remembering another time and another era. About that era will be offered the public an interesting story and a film based on invented anything – only chronicle.

Novospassky stavropegic monastery is closely connected with the representatives of the Romanov dynasty. In the cloister from the late 15th century constructed tomb of the Romanov boyars, progenitors of the Royal family. The first of the kings of the dynasty, rebuilt in stone the monastery, built a magnificent Transfiguration Cathedral.

On 8 September at the courtyard of the Novospassky Stavropegial monastery in the village of Sumarokovo the city of Ruza district of the Moscow region will be held the IV international festival “Compound”.

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