Metropolitan Agafangel brought as gift to the Athonite monastery of the relics of venerable. Kukshi

Metropolitan Agafangel noted that the monk Kuksha lived on mount Athos

Metropolitan of Odessa and Izmail Agafangel presented to the St. Panteleimon monastery on mount Athos, the ark with the relics of Reverend Kukshi Odessa.

September 2, the day of his 80th birthday, the Bishop celebrated the divine Liturgy in concelebration of members of the episcopate and clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Abbot of the Holy monastery Panteleimonovka Archimandrite Evlogy, the brethren of the monastery, the press service of the diocese.

Metropolitan Agafangel noted that the monk Kuksha lived on Athos, in the skete New Thebaid, and now prays at the throne of God for those who bear the monastic feat in the field of his earthly Ministry.

Metropolitan Agafangel wished the Archimandrite Eulogius and the monks at the monastery, spiritual strength and physical strength and salvation.

After the meal, Vladyka Agafangel visited the Museum and bowed to the many shrines that are stored in the sacristy of the Holy monastery Panteleimonovom.

As reported by the SPM, Metropolitan Agafangel met its 80th anniversary on Mount Athos

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