Metropolitan Anthony explained the danger of “spiritual cystocoele”

Managing the Affairs of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary

The lack of delicacy and sensitivity, attention and responsiveness – the signs of our time, believes Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich).

The danger of spiritual cystocoele that it leads to the destruction of personality. This was stated by managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary in an interview with the resource “Orthodox life.”

“A certain coldness and detachment in communication, and in some cases even with a slight tinge of cynicism become the norm, and sometimes elevated to the “rules of etiquette”. The subtlety of nature tacitly declared bad manners and a weakness. But exactly the opposite. The finer nature, the responsive heart, the conscience more sensitive, brighter and more expressive creativity, stronger and richer imagination, sharper powers of observation and, in the end, a deeper spirit,” explained the Bishop.

According to him, finesse is not contrary to common sense and reasonableness. They are great and complement each other. Refinement is always bordered by compassion, grace, and delicacy.

He said: the danger of spiritual cystocoele in the first place that “a man denies his soul needed feeding. It is as if the flower is deprived of life-giving water. He will get sick and will certainly dry up as a result. Therefore, it is important to look for the Divine on earth, to touch him, and be filled with him and thereby thinning their rough nature. And the dead will then be alive.”

This can be done “with just what is the Holy seal of the Holy spirit. Through this beauty. Nothing in the world of beauty was not created without His divine assistance, all the great and best inspired by Them. This work of art: painting, literature, music, architecture, and nature are wondrous, magical, amazing, and, of course, sincere deep penitential prayer, poured out of the heart, which reveals to us the true potential of our soul, that for which we were intended by the Lord”.

“Before each beautiful and difficult process of searching the present, but there’s nothing more exciting in the world. Help us this set of tools: different situation, people who contribute to the disclosure and search. Unfortunately, we don’t always accept this help, tips, as we believe that they themselves write their story, themselves supervise all the processes with us. But it is not” – said the Hierarch.

The Bishop said: “the Hand of God graciously leads us by already scheduled the road. And you can go through it blindfolded and tightly closed his ears, nothing seeing and not hearing, drawing only in your imagination meagre picture of what is happening around you, which will be very far from reality. So live the majority, even not in contact with reality, not seeing it. But you can go on the road and different. Once we see the light, to uncover sinful dressing – and we will have a beautiful world never seen previously. So begins our life in God. And then we tight compress His hand and trust His leadership. And He will lead us in the fragrant herbs and lovely hills of our lives to the inviting horizons of eternal life. And we even do not need to select more. Choosing to be with Him.”

“And that’s what should be spiritually and mentally to become subtler, because then happier, more beautiful, happier our lives will be”, he concluded.

As reported by the SPM, previously managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary said, the Lord indicates that a person must follow Him, He does not drive the man, and offers to go the way Myself, said Metropolitan Anthony. Christians should follow the Lord, to bear the hardships of life on the beaten path.

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