Metropolitan Anthony: In the Orthodox Church, no Pope, all decided by a collegiate

Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary (Pakanich)

Constantinople assumed the sole prerogative to decide the fate of another Local Church, and this not only logic, but also honesty of the relationship.

Managing the Affairs of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary convinced that Local Churches will give a correct assessment of the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, who assumed “sole responsibility to be a referee”. He told about it in the “Church and society”.

According to the Metropolitan, the logic Fanara is not fully understood and the decisions that were taken at the Constantinople Synod about the restoration of stavropigio and the lifting of sanctions imposed by another Local Church, contrary to historical logic, and completely out of context of Canon law.

“We do not know why the Patriarch of Constantinople assumed the prerogative – and definitely single-handedly decide the fate of another Local Orthodox Church, he said. – There are problems not only in the lack of elementary logic, but just a lack of integrity of relationship.”

According to the Hierarch, this is an example of unscrupulous politicians that has nothing to do with Church doctrine and could lead the entire nation to very serious consequences.

“There is no suggestion that this will all live in a kind of illusion that everything will be OK and solve all those problems currently posed, it is not the Church’s problems, – said the Metropolitan. And we are very sorry that the first among equals, a very dear first Hierarch, Patriarch Bartholomew goes on about the politicians who are very not honest with its people and with the Church, which for centuries, from the Holy Prince Vladimir, shares the joy and sorrow of his people.”

Metropolitan Anthony stressed that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – the only Church that right now, as it cements the whole territory of Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, we live in a time when there is a war, when some parts of Ukraine not controlled by our government, – he explained. Apparently now someone is not interested to the whole territory of Ukraine were United, because by destroying this very thin thread of relationships between people in different territories, which are now split front stripe, the impression that the world does not need anyone, and Ukraine itself, in the form in which we know it, no one needs.”

He reminded the audience that the Orthodox Church has no Pope, and all resolved Cathedral, therefore, to remedy this dangerous situation, it is necessary to return to Orthodox ecclesiology: “We had originally proposed to hold a meeting of all heads of local Orthodox Churches, and with brotherly love to consider problems and to make the right decision. Unfortunately, it was ignored”.

According to him, Local Churches give a correct assessment of the actions of Constantinople, as it has been made the Patriarch John of Antioch, Patriarch Irinej and the head of the Czech Church Rostislav.

“Our defense, especially in prayer and in patience, because we are people of faith and know that if we can’t rely on the force of law, force of law, then we hope to God, – concluded the Metropolitan Anthony. – God is not mocked. God will never give offense to his Church. Important to us to be firm in their faith, to be faithful of the canonical Orthodox Church, this is not in form, and in fact, to be faithful to their Primate, his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry, and then the Lord will be merciful to us. Yes, there is danger. But there is hope, that God his Church will protect”.

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