“Metropolitan” Epiphanius did not rule out the ptsu transition to the new calendar style

The head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko

The newly elected head of the DNC intends to explain and prove to the Ukrainian people why they should celebrate Christmas on December 25.

The head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko did not rule out that the new Church structure will gradually shift to the new calendar style. This Epiphany said on December 16, reports the Ukrainian service of “Radio Liberty”.

He assured that his first steps as head of the PCU will aim to unite, not divide.

“Even if we think of the celebration of Christmas, on the calendar. If we change from 7 January to 25 December, the Ukrainian people will not accept it. Need to explain, to prove. When people realize that it is not a dogma, it’s just a date, then it is possible to do and make decisions”, – said the newly elected head of the DNC.

In 2017, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided on December 25 to assume the all-Ukrainian day.

Earlier, the head of the newly created PCU at the handover ceremony of the Bethlehem peace light stated desire to restore the territorial integrity of the state and to return to the Crimea. The Holy Synod of the UOC, at the end of an emergency meeting 17 Debra, decided that a new Church organization, which was established by “the Cathedral” on December 15, the Union dissenters.

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