Metropolitan Irinoupolis Dimitri: We pray for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ukraine

Metropolitan Irinoupolis Demetrius, Bishop of Alexandria Orthodox Church

The celebration 1030-anniversary of the Baptism of Russia in Kiev was visited by the delegation of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church, headed by Metropolitan Demetrios Irinoupolis.

Archbishop Demetrios conveyed the greetings and words of encouragement to the believers of the UOC, according to TV channel Kyiv Rus.

“It is a joy for me: I first come to the beautiful country – Ukraine, – said the Metropolitan Dimitri. – I send you good wishes and blessings of the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa, Primate of the Church of Apostle Evangelist St. Mark. This is the Church that has for 2000 years gives testimony of Christ throughout the African continent.”

The Hierarch of the Church of Alexandria noted that he arrived in Kiev to support the Primate and all the faithful of the UOC.

“A great joy for us that today we are here to celebrate 1030 years big event – said the Metropolitan. – Apostolic Church is present here next to the nursing station, more new churches, but with the same faith, the same love, with the same vision for Orthodoxy obyedinennogo, a single, strong one that in the twenty-first century will be to convey the message of love and salvation to millions of people in every corner of the world that are waiting to know Christ and Orthodoxy.”

The Bishop expressed the hope of overcoming the schism in Ukraine.

“As a family must be United, otherwise it would be many challenges to meet, so the Church must be United, – said the Metropolitan Irinoupolis. – I think this is the reason that no Ukrainian missionary came to Africa. You have those difficulties between themselves and you can’t reach the outside world. But the world is waiting for Ukraine. Africa is waiting for Ukraine. You have a lot of priests, monks, nuns, young people, doctors, volunteers… All of you can come in and present there the Ukrainian Orthodoxy. You only need this inner problem to solve. And we are praying for”.


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