Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Juvenaly will consecrate the temple complex of the former Nikitsky monastery


24 Jun 2018 Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Juvenaly will make in Kashira the rite of the great consecration of churches of the former Nikitsky monastery — the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Nikitsky temple was renovated thanks to the support of the Government of Moscow region and the funds collected Charitable Foundation the diocese of Moscow on restoration of the destroyed shrines. The Lord will do vicars of the Moscow diocese, Bishop Tikhon, Bishop of Serpukhov Roman, Bishop of Zaraisk, Constantine, lukhovitskiy Bishop Peter and the clergy Suburban churches, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media.

Full-scale restoration activities were initiated in April 2016. A little over two years it took the Charitable Fund of the diocese of Moscow on restoration of the destroyed shrines to return the residents of the Kashira centre of spiritual life. For the restoration of the ensemble of the Nikitsky monastery from the funds collected by the Foundation, spent more than 130 million.

For the period 2016-2018 to recreate the historical image of the monastery complex, the area was completely cleared of debris and additions of the Soviet period. At the Transfiguration Cathedral and the Church of the Nikitsky carried out emergency response and restoration work, including the reconstruction of the inner and outer surfaces of the walls of the temples. Implemented a complex of measures on strengthening of the foundations of the apse, of the quadrangle and refectory Nikitsky temple, unfinished rotunda with a dome, and rebuilt the bell tower, decorated outer facade and the interior of the Church and the refectory.

By order of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov from the budget of the Moscow region and the municipal budget secondary school, it was decided to allocate funds for the improvement of the territory of the Nikitsky monastery as a unified architectural and landscape complex. This commitment was taken by the city administration of Kashira, by running the device retaining walls, full paving of the territory of the monastery, construction of fence and landscaping.

Moscow region Governor A. Yu. Vorobyev was given to the largest bell in the new belfry of the Nikitsky monastery. The participation of the head of Odintsovo municipal district A. R. Ivanova and the group of companies “Aircraft development” has completely restored the interior of the Transfiguration Cathedral. In the care of the head of Khimki city district and D. V. Voloshin Nikita is the adornment of the temple.

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Nikitsky monastery in Kashira was one of the largest in the suburbs. By 1915 abode lived 249 nuns and novices.

Wooden Church in the name of great Martyr Nikita on the site of the future monastery was built in 1696 Kashirskie merchants Narodowym. New stone Nikitsky Church was mostly built in 1823 by the merchant F. I. Rudneva, completed and consecrated in 1855.

In 1843, with funds F. I. Rudneva at the temple, opened the hospice, which in 1862 and converted in the female community. In 1884 the community was granted the status of the convent.

Since 1891 the monastery had two schools — the parochial and painting, as well as a hospital for sisters.

After the revolution, the monastery was transformed into a labor gang, and in 1922 — closed permanently. Church property was looted and destroyed, the shrines defiled. Four of the five reels with the domes of the Transfiguration Cathedral was destroyed, and inside arranged storage “Zagotzerno”. Nikitskaya Church turned into a club. The bell tower and rotunda of the Church was dismantled. After the great Patriotic war in the Nikitsky Church organized a hosiery factory.

The Transfiguration Church was transferred to the Church in 1998. The building of the Nikitsky temple has long been the subject of property disputes, because in 1990-e years it was privatized, despite the passport of the monument of architecture. In July 2007, the Church was put up for auction as a storage room that has been challenged in court. In 2009, the Nikitsky Church was given to the Church.

In 2015 the blessing of Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna Yuvenaly was adopted charity program to restore the complex of buildings of the Nikitsky monastery.

Charitable Fund of the Moscow diocese for the restoration of destroyed Holy shrines was launched on 1 Dec 2014 with the blessing of Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna Yuvenaly. The main objective of the Fund is to provide charitable assistance in the restoration of churches, located in the Moscow region. The co-chairs of the Board of Trustees of the Fund are the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov and Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Juvenaly. Since the beginning of the work of the Fund Manager and Expert tips reviewed 61 proposals from parishes and monasteries of the Moscow diocese, accepted 56 applications 56 temples. Now in the work at different stages is more than 20 churches, 8 temples completed restoration work, restoration work is fully completed in 5 temples.

Media accreditation: press-Secretary of the Fund Galina Biryukova

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