Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim: the Tomos of autocephaly granted to dissenters

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and “Metropolitan” Epiphany

Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim believes that Tomos ptsu leads Christianity to the great schism. Because the Hierarch urged the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church not accept ptsu.

In his official statement, published on 21 January 2019, authoritative Hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim said that the recognition of the PCU will be non-canonical and bring Christianity to the great schism. It is reported by the Greek newspaper “Vima orthodoxias”.

In particular, the report says: “the Tomos of autocephaly was given the day of Epiphany 2019 Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the new schismatic education (headed by the newly elected “Metropolitan” Epiphanius), which appeared in the so-called unifying Council held on 15 December 2018 in Kiev. The Ecumenical Patriarchate did not take into account calls and requests from many local Orthodox Churches, which argued that the only possible way to solve the Ukrainian problem is the dialogue and the convening of a pan-Orthodox Cathedral with the participation of all the local Churches.”

He reminded the audience that the ROC broke Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has ceased to commemorate the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew.

“It is now clear that the Orthodox world after the unilateral decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to grant the status of autocephaly “of the Church”, which is nothing but a collection of dissenters – prohibited and samarakoon, there is quick steps to a new great schism, perhaps the second great schism similar to that which occurred in 1054, with unknown consequences for the Church pan-Orthodox unity and to the great joy of his enemies,” – said the Metropolitan.

According to him, the granting of autocephaly ptsu is a precedent that has no historical analogues in the history of our Church. And it happened because, according to the Bishop that was ignored the will of the canonical UOC headed by Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onuphrius, which is not asked for autocephaly.

The Bishop believes it is significant that the UOC is 4/5 of the population of the Ukrainian people. And of autocephaly was asked, on the one hand, the country’s leadership headed by President Petro Poroshenko, and on the other hand, a small group is prohibited and samarakoon “bishops” who are the real recipients of autocephaly.

You should also not ignore the paradox that ignoring the opinions of the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian people, says the Bishop: “How can we show the Church and political news, with the granting of autocephaly are the political and geostrategic objectives. This is clearly evident not only in gratitude, which was sent by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to the United States of America for “strong support for the process of granting autocephaly”, but according to official statements of the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry USA Gezer Neuert, where it is said that “the U.S. supports the granting of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church””.

In summary, the Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim said: “we want to believe that the hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church rise above the circumstances and do not recognize the new schismatic “Church” headed by “Metropolitan” Epiphanius, following the sacred canons, which they solemnly promised to keep during their ordination”.

As reported by PWC, informed the Metropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim said that any decisions of the Patriarchal Synod could be appealed only in the Ecumenical Council, the Patriarchate of Constantinople was not entitled unilaterally to remove the anathema from Filaret.

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