Metropolitan Paul: Call all to peace, unity and love

Metropolitan Paul, the Governor of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, on Christmas eve congratulated all Ukrainians with the holiday.

Vicar of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra has congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas and urged all citizens of Ukraine to forget the strife, to end the feud and live in unity and love.

On the eve of the Nativity of Christ, Metropolitan of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl Paul reminded that we should not see enemies in their neighbors, because we all have only one enemy – the devil, who sows in our hearts the turmoil.

“First wish us, dear brothers and sisters, unity, – said the Governor of the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. – What we are faith, we need each other to endure. Because the Lord has patience for Orthodox and Greek Catholics, and Protestants, Jews and Muslims, and sends rain all quiet and peace, fruits of the earth.”

The Bishop wished all the early long-awaited peace and urged them not to forget that we will leave to future generations.

“It is important that politicians understand that their political trail will end, he added. – And the Church was, is and will be. She led, leads and will lead people to the quiet anchorage of the Heavenly Kingdom.”

“I urge you, dear brothers and sisters, one: peace and love, so we teamed up so we prayed about each other, not seen in your middle of the enemy, because we have one enemy – our pride, the devil, who sows in our hearts the inconvenience,” – said the Metropolitan.

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