“America stands with Israel!” Vice-President Mike Pence made this statement during his visit to the state of Israel. He also said that the U.S. supports “the principle of two States” to resolve the middle East conflict. By the way, Palestinian leaders he couldn’t pass, as they refused to meet with him.

“The whole world may not know anything more, but he knows one thing: under President Donald trump, the America stands with Israel. And we’ll convey to all your solid position. Seventy years ago there was a historic miracle: the people of Israel returned to their ancient homeland. And every day Americans remember this achievement, and we are going there to celebrate.”, so that the Vice-President of the USA told about the purpose of his visit before his plane landed in the middle East.

And how they said it, was highly appreciated by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The first time I stand here, where both leaders can say these three words: the capital of Israel — Jerusalem” — said the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pens for all time, became the first Vice-President of the United States invited to the Knesset. He kept quiet when Israeli Arabs tried to arrange a protest against the change of US policy on Jerusalem.

“I’m excited to the core, standing in front of this thriving democracy!” Michael said Pence.

In his heartfelt speech, he spoke about how to read Scriptures related to Israel, and strongly confirmed the new U.S. policy.

“Jerusalem — capital of Israel. In this regard, the President trump instructed the State Department to immediately begin preparing to transfer the United States Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Michael Pence.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin called the Vice President “mench”. This is a very high compliment in Yiddish, meaning “man.”

An emotional visit to the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem and his prayer near the Western wall highlighted this visit compared to other in the history of American diplomacy.

“The things the current administration did not disagree with the words in regard to the Embassy was occurring prokomentiroval John Wagi, senior editor of “CBN News”. For many years, American presidents and Vice-presidents, secretaries of state — they are all only in words was to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But in practice nothing was done. And the current administration says that will make it come true. Perhaps this visit will be the most significant visit of the Vice President in any country in recent history of the United States.”

Pence also promised changes regarding the US signed a nuclear agreement with Iran. This will lead Washington to controversy with the European allies, who do big business with Iran. And the Palestinian leaders, with boycotts and curses — hostile setting everyone against Washington in the international arena. But the coming debate will show that the US and Israel seriously rallied around the city that king David made it his capital over three thousand years ago.

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