Mike Pompeo: “the protection of religion became personal”

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo held in Washington the First international conference on religious freedom. In a recent interview, “CBN News” Pompeo said his Christian faith explains why this issue is so important to him.

Unfortunately, religious persecution is not new and in recent years only increased. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo says “CBN News”, which is a main priority for the current administration.

“Promoting religious freedom is important for each person in each country. Human dignity, human rights related to freedom of religion is personally important for me and for President trump,” says Mike Pompeo.

The whole point is to prove that the more freedom of religion, the less terrorism and better economy. Experts say that about three quarters of the world’s population is faced with various restrictions of religious freedom. As for the Christians, then every 12th experiencing persecution in the most dangerous countries that are included in the list of violators compiled by the Department of state.

“Not every country will reach a level of religious freedom which we have in the United States. But we think we can spread it around the world, uniting people of all faiths and even unbelievers and giving them the opportunity to practice their faith as they see fit. It is important for the whole world,” says Pompeo.

For Pompeo this case is personal because the Evangelical Christian faith motivates him to action.
So, why is this seemingly state issue is becoming so personal?

“It resonates with what the administration is trump trying to achieve in relation to freedom of religion. And it resonates in my world. I’m an Evangelical Christian. I know that not everyone shares this belief, but there is one important point. It is very important not only for Christians but for people of all faiths to be able to believe as they want” — meets Pompeo.

One of the main violators of religious freedom was North Korea, and Pompeo is actively negotiating with Kim Jong-UN, to eliminate nuclear weapons.

“We need to make sure that Chairman Kim will do what he promised the world community,” says Mike Pompeo.

The situation with human rights in North Korea raises the same suspicions, and how much its inaction in regard to nuclear disarmament. The country ranks first in the list of most dangerous countries for Christians. The Secretary of state Pompeo kept his conversation with Kim, but during the interview to clarify one important thing.

“Let your audience know that it is rare that the United States had not raised the issue of violation of human rights in meetings with representatives of those countries where they exist. And we are well aware of the history of North Korea,” continued Pompeo.

The United States hopes to end religious persecution and make a difference in the world.

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