Marilyn Hickey 85 years old and she’s still preaching the gospel. See how in a time when terrorists attack the Christians, and the Islamists defame the name of peace loving Muslims, she talks to millions of Muslims about the love of Jesus. She builds bridges to such dangerous places that most travelers are trying to avoid them.

The meeting with the participation of million of Muslims have poured into the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. People gathered to hear the 85-year-old grandma shares the Good news about Jesus.

“I want you to say something. Even if no one knows your name, Jesus knows — preaches Marilyn Hickey. He knows where you are, who you are, and He has a plan and purpose for your life.”

But even she, the world-famous televangelists, such a stir had not expected.

“I couldn’t imagine that on one of our meeting a million people,’ says Marilyn Hickey. I love Muslims and Muslims love me!”

Dr. Hickey began to preach in a small Denver Church and later founded the international television Ministry, which now refers to the Muslim world.

“Even before the world began to occur all these upheavals, God told me to pray for Muslim countries. I thought it was crazy! I’m an American! So, I memorized the names of forty countries and prayed for them every day for a long time — maybe four years. Then God began to send me to them,” she says.

Marilyn to give all glory to Jesus. According to her, thanks to Him in its mass meetings happen countless miracles.

“My testimony about Jesus Christ. Look at my daughter. Soon she will be a year. All the tumors in her eyes disappeared. God gave her life and health. And I promised God: “If You give me another chance, will heal my daughter, I will dance and tell my testimony.” And here I dance and show” — says one of the women.

In meetings where you preached the gospel, people more than at the concerts of rock stars in America.

“Don’t ask me why, says Marilyn Hickey. — By the way, my name is “Mom”. I assure you, the Muslims call me the mother of Pakistan. Such is the mercy of God, however, I don’t compromise. I tell it like it is: “Jesus died for your sins and then rose from the dead. If you repent and believe it, He will come into your heart.” See, there is no compromise. This is the message that heals the spirit, soul and body.”

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