Minsk: on the forum “time of the professionals” will tell you how to do the mission in the workplace

On October 6 in Minsk, “Mission Eurasia” will hold a forum “Time professionals” for young Christians.

The event aims to help Christians to see their workplace as a territory of the Kingdom of God.

“Along with the classic “missionary 10-40 window” today there is a “window 9-18”: during the working day, the area of the professional world. We’re talking about the “mission of the profession.” A critical question is: what does it mean to be a Christian from Monday to Saturday? This question intended to answer participants”, — says Denis Gorenkov, the coordinator of the initiative “the mission of the profession.”

The main speaker of the forum — a well-known writer and journalist Philip Yancey. A guest from the USA will take part in seminars and panel discussions. Yancey will address the participants with a motivating message stating that a workplace is a place for the mission.

“Now is the time professionals who will join Christian vocation and professional competence. We can also talk today about the significant “credit of trust” that exists in society in relation to professionals: people who adequately do their job and are ready to share those values which affect their attitude to work,” adds Denis Gorenkov.

Starting in 2014, the Association “Spiritual revival”, “Mission Eurasia”, started the forums for a new generation of young leaders. The first forum was held in Chisinau, then was Kiev, Tbilisi, Saint Petersburg, Bishkek, Kiev, Krasnoyarsk. These events reached more than 5,000 young Christians.


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