In the African country Uganda air war are real, and healers are in control of entire villages. But they are not a hindrance to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Under the heading “Outside the radar” stories about believers who are outside the Church walls and serve their fellowmen, not for attention, but simply because I love people, like Jesus.

Peter was an itinerant preacher in Uganda. Monk was a sorcerer in one of the most notorious villages in the country.

“In the village, as well as throughout the district as a whole, was spread witchcraft. All told, there are bad people that can conjure that you gonna die very soon,” says Peter Searchrange, Church leader in Uganda.

One day God told Peter to go and preach the gospel in that village. What happened when the wizard met the Evangelist?

“I introduced myself to him and said that he came to tell people about Jesus. I didn’t even know that he’s a sorcerer. He asked: “Tell me about It. Tell me about God”. And already 40 minutes later he said, “I want to give my life to the Lord.” I thought, “wow! Quickly!” And then we prayed together,” recalls Peter Searchrange.

Soon after, the Monk was led to the Lord, his wife and daughter. Peter began to conduct in his home study of the Bible.

“During the year we had about 35 people who gave their lives to the Lord. A 25th 2008 we conducted our first service — so the Church was born”.

Today the Church founded by Evangelist and former sorcerer who helps fight spiritual darkness in Uganda. But more on this next time.

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