Mom and dad are in heaven, and the daughter needs heart surgery

Congenital heart defect – a hole in the interatrial septum. – Arina found in September 2016. Six months after a car accident killed her mom and dad. To surgery year-old girl, the doctors then decided not to. Now Arina four. Hole in interatrial septum increased to 14 mm. the Doctors recommended to eliminate the defect by means of a special device that performs the role of the patch – occluder.

Arina. Photo: Love Smith

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“Grandma, why are mom and dad going?”

– Grandma, where’s mom and dad? four – year Arina looked forward to grandmother.

– Mom and dad are in the earth, and their soul in the sky flying, says her grandmother is seven year old sister Pauline. – Do not ask such questions!

Arina sister

March 20, 2016 at 7: 30 a.m. on highway in Ulyanovsk region was a car accident, which killed four people. The parents Arina and Polina and their families. They went to the village of Tashla, which is called “Samara Diveevo”. The road was slippery. A passenger car, at the wheel which was dad girls Stepan, spun and passed into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a “Gazelle”…

“The son of 13 years behind the wheel. And no accidents. This is the first. Road conditions have provoked. Went to the monastery and did not get. Son, his wife Luda, her uncle Nicholas, her grandmother Irina. In the car was another cousin Luda – Vladislav, who was then a student in the 11th grade. He was the only survivor. Daughters – Pauline and Arina – son before this trip was taken to visit his wife’s parents. They called us and said, “Our children had an accident”. We still had hope…” – with tears remembers Galina Stepanovna.


They lived together in one apartment:, she and her husband – a retired major, a son with his wife and two granddaughters. Son Stephen worked as an electrician, his wife Luda Secretary in court. They were a happy young family. They only lived together a short time – only 6 years old.

When the accident occurred, Lyudmila was 29, Stephen – 31. Their oldest daughter Pauline – 5, Arina Junior was two years old. “The first time I have had a shock. I hospital never left. Only son. The most expensive… Two years have passed, and not getting any easier, only harder. When it happened, granddaughter Arinochka was very small, did not understand anything. A Mix for the first time often ask:

“Why did mom and dad not going? They don’t like us? Grandma, let’s go to all the towns, to call all home and ask if there are mom and dad?”

Very parents is not enough… Polina grandfather not once, but explained everything. She understands. And Arina asked often about my parents. So she wants mom and dad to play”, – says Galina Stepanovna.

Arina and Polina with her grandmother

Blood from the left atrium enters the right

Work – from economic control under the Cabinet of Ministers – she left right after the funeral. Husband and I have guardianship for my grandson. When took them a medical examination (the group included ultrasound of the heart), it turned out that Polina’s all normal, and Arina has a congenital heart defect, a hole in the interatrial septum. Through this hole the blood from the left atrium enters the right. This leads to increased pressure in the pulmonary artery, disturbed heart rhythm.

“I was very upset… How? Why? Maybe I can not have you watched? But Arina is not complaining. No shortness of breath she had, no tiredness. Shustrenko we have it, active. Stairs, ladders everywhere climbs. Winter sledding in the summer – on a Bicycle. If no check-UPS, we would not have known anything. Daughter-in-law when she was pregnant Arina, had a cold. And in the first trimester as the time heart the child develops. Maybe it somehow affected?” – reflects Galina Stepanovna.

To surgery year-old girl did not dare. Waited for Arina to get a little older. Now Arina four.

A recent survey showed that the hole in the septum that separates the right and left atrium, increased to 14 mm. to Wait no longer.

The open-heart surgery, doctors do not recommend. Recommend to remedy the defect of interatrial septum using a special device – occluder. It is a modern and safe method of treatment of CHD (congenital heart defects) – without opening the chest and stopping the heart. The occluder through a puncture in the femoral vein via a thin catheter introduced into the cavity of the heart and close them the defect like a patch.

“I’m the doctors say:

Very worried about Arinochka!

They are:

Don’t worry, everything will be fine!

And Arina recently jumped from the chair in the room:

– Grandma, I have a pain here! – and the heart shows… there was no such. How can we not worry? We with the husband now for granddaughters live. No idea what would we be if not for them. Heart heavy, and have to hold on to. When they weep, not to frighten. And both fit, will hug and say, “grandma d, I love you!” – it becomes easier”, – says Galina Stepanovna.

These two are incredibly sweet and tender girl with pigtails – Arina and Polina – now the meaning of their lives. In their joy. The youngest, Arina, around trying to imitate big sister. Pauline picks up markers or paint and Arina also there is need to draw. Pauline falls asleep in an embrace with a Teddy bear or a hare, Arina does the same thing. And balloons into the sky in their birthdays (1 and 19 July) girls go together. For mom and dad.

Arina and Polina with her grandmother

Heart surgery that should be done Arina, paid and expensive, we will have to pay for the device itself – the occluder. Grandma and grandpa can’t afford that. They are the girls live on a pension and a modest allowance to care for children. Let’s help them!

Photo: Love Smith

Fund “Pravmir” helps adults and children with congenital and acquired heart defects receive necessary treatment, including access to minimally invasive heart surgery. Help can you by donating any amount or by subscribing to a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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