Monastery of the XIV-XV centuries will be restored in Arkhangelsk region


Arkhangelsk region has established a Fund for the restoration of the Nikolo-karelskogo monastery in Severodvinsk, reports Interfax-Religion with the reference to the press service of the regional government.

“Today our challenge is to coordinate efforts for the development of the monastery, marking the beginning of a new phase of his life. We hope that this work will be completed within six months, we will be able to form a plan of restoration, which is in the middle of next year will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees of the Fund”, – the press service quoted the Governor of the Pomerania region Igor Orlov.

In turn, the presidential envoy in the northwestern Federal district Alexander Beglov visited Pomerania in the framework of the working visit, stressed that to preserve the unique historical heritage of the past – a question of honor.

“This is primarily a return history, the return of the debt to our ancestors who built this monastery,” – said Alexander Beglov.

He added that it is necessary to provide accessibility to the historic facility, which is located on the territory of shipyard “Sevmash”.


Nikolo-Karelsky monastery was built in the late XIV – early XV centuries. It was first mentioned in Chronicles in the year 1419. Preserved Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which is the object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. It bears the status of factory temple of “Sevmash” and with December 1974, protected by the state. In 1990-2011 years there were carried out repair-restoration work restored the vaults, drums and heads, replaced the roof, installed Windows and doors. Despite this, at present, a monument of history and culture is in poor condition.

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