More than 100 thousand people visited the exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia” since


From 4 November in the Central exhibition hall “Manege”, an exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia” dated for Day of national unity. The exhibition became the Central event of the cultural life of the capital in 10 days it was visited by more than 100 thousand of Muscovites and guests of the capital, reports the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and the media.

Project exhibition “Russia — My story” not for the first time demonstrates the high interest of Russians to their own history and culture. So, the debut of a multimedia exhibition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, in the first week of work has attracted over 85 thousand visitors. Attendance records were regularly observed in subsequent exposures, “Rurik”, “The great upheaval — the great Victory”, “Russia — My story. 1945-2016”, “Russia looking into the future”.

The exhibition presented in the parks of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Tyumen, Stavropol, Makhachkala, Volgograd, Omsk is not just a record interest of the Russians.

“We are delighted that the exhibition is dedicated to painting, gained such popularity among the viewers. Young people and elderly people are eager to see the masterpieces that came from the regions of Russia. We try to do everything below the line moved quickly, but also take into account the value of exhibits that are contained in a special preserving paintings of the microclimate, which may violate the excessive number of people in the hall. Please treat with understanding and wish you a pleasant viewing to all!” — said Ivan Esin, exhibition organizer.

The exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia” organized by the Patriarchal Council for culture, the State Tretyakov gallery and State Museum and exhibition center “ROSIZO”. Admission is free.

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