More than 1500 men in Rostov gathered conference “Gentleman Jesus Christ”

Today in Rostov-on-don took place the solemn opening of the Russian national men’s conference “Gentleman Jesus Christ.” On the first day participants of the event were 1500 men.

This year the conference is on the theme: “Heritage”.

“Heritage is closely linked to fatherhood. It is important to show children love and give them our values – faith in God, reverence for His word. We can say that the implementation of the function of the father — a loving, caring, kind, generous, a defender, and makes a man a man. Today the Lord wants to restore relationships between fathers and children because He Is the Father,” taught by the initiator of the event, the Bishop of the Church, “the Christian Mission” Edward Deremo.

How to share a priest, the idea of holding such a conference came to him in a vision.

Also on the first day of the conference, he had served with the word pastor of the Church of the Supernatural (Brazil) Laujar Gehrra. He addressed the audience with a message about how important it is to have the heart son, and what blessings are waiting for a man with such a heart.

“Real sonship allows you to get the best from your Father. The father wants to give you everything,” taught by the speaker.

At the end of the first day of the conference addressed Sergey Ryakhovsky, national Bishop of the Russian United Union of Christians of Evangelical faith (Roshi).

“To pass something, you have to have it. When I read Scripture, I am filled with the Word of God, and this eternal spiritual heritage we need to pass on to our children” — said Sergey Ryakhovsky.

Conference “the Gentleman of Jesus Christ” will last until April 15. To join the event through live broadcast on the TV Cannel and Christian БОГ.TV.


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