Human trafficking is one of the most important global issues of our time. Look at how the Church has been at the forefront of the fight against modern slavery.

More than 40 million people worldwide are victims of some form of slavery. About 12 million of them children. Many Americans believe that this trouble relates only to other countries, but sex trafficking is one of the most serious problems in the United States. That is why the churches are involved in a struggle with her unique techniques.

“When I first heard about the concept of “trafficking” is that the child literally sell sex — it broke my heart,” says the pastor of “The Rock of KC,” Philip O Reilly.

The harsh reality of what is happening in his town, encouraged the pastor to take action: “the Scripture says that we have to save taken away to death, not to abandon the doomed for the slaughter. We need to stand up for the defenseless, widows and orphans,” he says.

The response of pastor Philip O Reilly this challenge is called “Run to stop”. In the framework of this annual event his Church “The Rock of KC” uses the five-kilometer run and half-marathon held in the city, as a way of disseminating information and raising funds to combat human trafficking.

“People who never ran, now run with us. We have one guy who never ran, and now runs the distance of 30 miles or more. It’s amazing,” says Philip O Reilly.

Impressive is the amount of money collected during the campaign.

“Organization “Exodus Cry” we gave a check for 100 thousand dollars. That was amazing!” — says the pastor.

Church “The Rock of KC” contacted “Exodus Cry”, as she seeks to overcome slavery through “Christ-centered prevention”, “intervention” and “holistic recovery.”

“Until recently it was believed that today in slavery is 27 million people, but according to recent reports, there are actually more than forty six million. Who would have imagined such numbers? It’s a whole cultural phenomenon!” — says the President of “Exodus Cry” Benjamin Nolo. He said that the traffickers operate mainly in urban areas such as Kansas city.

“One gang of traffickers covered here, right in our backyard. Was closed sixteen massage parlors, when it was discovered that they are included in the trading scheme girls a Chinese gang. This means that the slave trade takes many forms, and right here in the “Bible belt” of America, among megatorque!” — says the President of “Exodus Cry”.

Therefore, the organization of Nolo and penetrates into places to find victims of slavery. And this makes the Church “The Rock of KC” more actively act to end this phenomenon.

“During the race I often think about why I run. So yeah, it’s good motivation!” says Jennifer Judd, took part in the marathon.

“First, we aim to stop slavery itself, and second, I want to restore those who have suffered from slavery. It’s not just “Hey, let’s stop, and now you are free!” A: “Let’s stop, after which we will work to resolve your internal problems. Let’s get you back to that place that God gave you in life initially,” says marathoner Dan savage.

“It’s so painful. I ran a half marathon, and it is 21 kilometers! First, hard training, and then another, and the race itself. Always want to stop. But here’s what I think: I don’t feel even half the pain that those girls have probably right now”, — says the participant of the marathon Jessica Geran.

Benjamin Nolo grateful for the support, however, according to him, this fight should participate not one Church community.

“I thank God for the Church “The Rock of KC,” because they realized the importance of the problem. They understand that we can not do nothing. And they, so to speak, with his head ducked in this area and was determined to change the situation in this matter. All this is very important. Need to and other local churches joined us, helping to eliminate this injustice,” he says.

“We have to end this phenomenon, to say “enough!” We have to say “Not in our city! Not in our country! Not in our world!” We need to stand up and say to the darkness: “You will not be able to act!” — calls pastor Philip O Reilly.

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