More than 6,000 Christians were killed in Nigeria in six months by radical Islamists

According to “the Christian social movement of Nigeria”, a new wave of persecution fell upon the local Christians this year – over 6,000 local residents, Christians of various denominations were killed by radical Islamists in the last six months. And that’s not counting the thousands of wounded and tens of thousands of people who lost everything and because of the threat of attack was forced to become a fugitive in his own country.


The Christian Association of Nigeria said that since the international community pretends not to notice the waves of mass killings on religious and ethnic lines that has engulfed their country, they are forced to turn to the UN and other countries to take urgent action.

In a joint statement, published in “the National forum of elders of the Christian communities of Nigeria” (NCEF) and the international Commission to verify the situation led the British high Commissioner, reported that on the territory of their country of “universal Jihad was started by the Islamists of Northern Nigeria, headed by the ethnic group “Fulani”. This Jihad movement is based on the doctrine of hatred, cultivated in the mosques and Islamic madrassas in the North of the country, but also on the ideology of ethno-racial superiority of the tribal Alliance “Fulani”. Using both violent Jihad and non-violent and stealthy Jihad, the Islamists probably want to turn the Republic of Nigeria into an Islamic Sultanate and to replace democracy with Sharia as the only national ideology…”.

The main goal of Islamic groups, – according to representatives of the Association of Christian communities in Nigeria “…is to replace the Nigerian Constitution with Sharia law and make them the only source of laws. We recognize that the current Constitution, adopted in 1999, suffers from a duality forced the prisoners in her tenets, and connects the elements of democratic values and Islamic Sharia. However, supporters of the Caliphate deny any possible compromises and reject even basic democratic and Christian values…”


Nigerian Christians say that “…driven by two fundamentally different ideologies, and so riven by religious and ethnic divisions modern Nigeria cannot be a country of our dreams. We want a state where all citizens are equal before the law at all levels, without distinction of religion, gender, age and ethnicity. Given that Christians make up more than half the population of Nigeria, the Islamists ‘ goal is to create multiple local conflicts and provoke another civil war. Now, many months in a row, members of radical Islamist groups are killing Christians in our country, vulnerable destroy places of worship of Christians and attacks on Christian communities in order to force them to change religions or to relocate…”.

Also, 13 August 2018, the “European centre for law and justice”, on the initiative of the Nigerian Christians and after investigation, filed a formal letter to the UN “…to recognize the beginning of the genocide on religious and racial grounds in Nigeria and to put an end to the atrocities committed against Christians in this country…”. Also in the appeal it is stated that “it is established with a very high degree of reliability and availability in Nigeria, the radical Islamist groups that are striving to eliminate the Christian norms and democratic values in this state…”.


P. S. just last week in Nigeria there was another murder of Christian priests: first, right at the entrance to the store in the region Abuja was murdered Catholic priest Michael Akalu, a few days later, militants broke into the Protestant Church in the city of Gogua (Kaduna state), shot a Baptist pastor Hosea Ākūti and kidnapped his wife Ākūti Talat with the aim of ransom.

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