More than 700 people received medical assistance and advice during medical action “Charity doctor”, which was held from 6 to 8 February at the base and at the initiative of the Christian Adventist medical center. Partner of the event was a Medical mobile clinic (IMC) of the Association “Emmanuel”. The aim of the campaign is to help people who need free medical care and tell them about God. It immigrants from Eastern Ukraine, people from low-income families, families of servicemen in the ATO, people with disabilities.

“This action is designed for three categories of people: migrants from the Eastern regions of Ukraine for war-affected and disabled persons, — explains Sergei Lutsky, Director of the health Department of the Ukrainian Union conference of the Church of seventh-day Adventists. —We went out for funds, working with these people and provided them with information about “Charitable doctor”. Thus people learned about the campaign and came here.”

Organizational issues took on the Church of seventh-day Adventists. At the entrance to the medical center all patients were kindly welcomed by the chaplains, helped to navigate the corridors of multi-storey medical complex, escorted to the place of registration and help you to find clinics need specialists. Those who left after the survey, wished a good day and good health.

“Our partners asked us to help staff and ultrasound — says the coordinator of the humanitarian Department of the Association “Emmanuel” Galina Kucher. — The action was attended by the Medical mobile clinic, laboratory, mobile x-ray Cabinet”.

The Express-laboratory of the MMK allows you to take a blood and urine within 10 minutes, the patients get the results in his hands, and is an invaluable aid to doctors in the operational definition of a correct diagnosis.

In addition, the doctors conducted the prevention of tuberculosis — patients were able to undergo chest x-rays, and this, again, through the work of the mobile x-ray room of the MMK.

“We always are a response to the needs of the people, — shares his impressions about this event Galina Kucher. — Ill people suffer. And through the hands of our doctors God assists those who suffer. Sometimes they do have nowhere to go, often no one to ask for help. Our “free” medicine today is cruel to vulnerable people. And we are glad that we were able to use their abilities and resources to do good works.”

For three days 25 physicians saw patients — about 250 people a day. They provided both psychological and spiritual help among “charitable doctor” psychologists, psychiatrist and chaplains. They helped people to understand that health need to have a holistic approach — not only on a physical level, but also on the spiritual.

The charity campaign was joined by many of the doctors-volunteers from all over Ukraine. One of them — the psychologist Irina Kolesnichenko.

“People come with different problems, life traumas: war, injustice, and here they have difficulties… Treat people with disabilities, couples, adolescents, parents. A lot of difficulties with employment, with housing. Often it is difficult to establish a relationship with people in another city — affects a different mentality. Sometimes they don’t understand, humiliated and even treated as powerless. With these questions, it is difficult to help, but the psychological tools to help we have.”

The psychologist said that often patients are not taught to work with their emotions, feelings, and during the charity event they were consulted in this area.

“Displaced children are a difficult group of patients, — said Yuri Bondarenko, the chief doctor of the Christian Adventist medical center. They lost everything, and it causes stress, depression… especially if there is no God. Here they often come already irritated. And even despite the fact that the action is free. So you have to reassure them, speak kind words. And of course to provide them with quality medical care.”

The day of the action there are up to 400 medical visits, including dental. Each patient had the opportunity to have at least one free seal and to hygienic cleaning of the mouth.

In addition, people who took the survey and belong to the category of displaced persons or war victims, the organization has allocated a credit of 3 thousand UAH. on the purchase of commodities in the store chain “PROSTOR”.

“Here, my daughter got the ad in social networks. We treat tummy Ilona diagnosis yet, and it is important to consult a doctor. Hope for the best!” says Lena, a refugee from Gorlovka (Donetsk region).

“I came with my mother to do massage. I liked it – super-prosper! Don’t want to get a massage,” says 5-year-old Ilona.

“We have come to be examined, poreshat questions on dentistry is very much qualified help. Received advice Laura. Big thanks to this project because such an opportunity generally there,” says Natalia, a migrant from the red Beam (Lugansk region.)

“Grateful for this opportunity. For me it was very important to do an ultrasound. We got what we wanted,” says Victoria, a forced migrant from Donetsk region.

The chief doctor spoke about the plans for the future: planned for June big dental event. It will come to US partners from Christian medical University. This medical assistance will be provided to the families of the ATO participants.

“We always invite to join such actions of doctors and nurses, the human resource is small, because the needs are increasing, – says Galina Kucher. And doctors willing to work selflessly, becomes smaller. We really need experts for medical outreach events.”

It also became known that the Medical mobile clinic of the Association “Emmanuel” 9 Feb 2017 received accreditation of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. This is the official recognition of the presence of conditions for high-quality, timely, a certain level of medical care, compliance with standards in the field of health, the health of the employees of the unified qualification requirements. Clinic not accredited not eligible to continue his work.

“This is the end of a huge amount of preparatory work and the whole medical team — said the Director of the medical center Galina Kucher. — Accreditation is more difficult than to obtain a license. Our clinic has received the first level of accreditation! There are still higher, but it is not for hospitals to our level and workload. Thank God and the entire staff at CMI for their daily work and dedication!”

The press service of the Association “Emmanuel”

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