Moscow catechist will create a series of films about Solovki


Alexey Volkov, member of the Commission on missionary work and catechization of Moscow began work on the creation of a series of documentaries about the Holy Transfiguration Solovetsky monastery. August 1, 2018, the catechist arrives at Solovki for screenings – according to the news Agency “Today”.

In a press-service of Committee on missionary work and catechization of Moscow said that within 12 days Alexey Volkov will travel through the Russian North and to gather material for movies. In this work he is assisted by his wife Elena is a professional television Director.

“We are going to talk about Reverend Savvatii and Herman, the birth and development of the Solovetsky monastery, the Cathedral of the Solovetsky saints, and more. The timing of the films is not yet set, it all depends on how many dial material”, – said Alexey in an interview with “Today”.

This is not the first such work in the “piggy Bank” Moscow catechist. In collaboration with the editors of the missionary of the media project “Pravoslavie” Alexey Volkov has created a short film about Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna Romanova. On 18 June this year marked 100 years since the martyrdom of a Saint. The story was published on the YouTube channel “Pravoslavie” two days before the anniversary, July 16, 2018, and already in the first evening I got a lot of views.

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