Moscow Prikhod khrama vsemilostivogo Spasa asks for help to avoid blasphemy

The ruins of the Church of the Three Hierarchs. Photo:

To our website with the request to widely disseminate this information and asking for help were greeted by the rector of the Moscow temple of all-merciful Saviour, Archpriest Alexander Ilyashenko. Here is what he said:

In July 2018, when the contractors on sites of construction of communications and improvement of the Park “Novoslobodskaya” in Moscow was found the tombstone cross the end of the XIX-th – early XX century, discovered the fragments, and other relics preserved basement of the temple of the Three Holy Hierarchs, which was destroyed in the 30-ies of the last century.

Basement escaped destruction, but was filled with construction debris and earth, the top covered brick vygostky and covered with turf.

Ruined temple of the Three Holy Hierarchs, as well as preserved, but deprived of the belfry and pathlaiya the temple merciful Saviour, was part of the architectural ensemble of the former monastery of all who sorrow, located on the site of the current Park “Novoslobodskaya”.

According to the Act of the state historical-cultural examination of 17.7.2018 year, the object is recognized as an architectural heritage site. The result of the beginning of archaeological work in present-found the place of the throne of the temple with cast stone.

The location of the throne of the Church of the Three Hierarchs. Photo:

Prikhod khrama vsemilostivogo Spasa filed a petition for recognition of the uncovered basement of the cultural heritage and the possible organization of it after the excavation and repair — Museum of Church archeology. This idea was supported by the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow.

However, according to the plan of reconstruction of the Park, the place where she found the temple should be a stage for entertainment, dance, concerts, etc.

Builders in a hurry to pass the object and try to resume excavation and construction work. They continue to lay concrete stairs, entering the excavation site. If you leave it unattended. it is likely that the site will cover the ground and put a wooden platform for dancing.

The parish Church has repeatedly offered to make changes to the project, but did not find understanding on the part of the company Mosavtodor.

We can’t afford to abuse the Orthodox Shrine! The parish is on duty around the CLOCK on the archaeological works, in order to prevent blasphemy. In the Park “Novoslobodskaya” (Moscow, St. Novoslobodskaya, Mendeleevskaya, Savelovskaya, entrance from the side of the Suschevsky shaft) held a prayer service Three Ecumenical Hierarchs – Basil the Great, Gregory the theologian, John Chrysostom, in whose honor the temple was built.

Please take part in supporting the dissemination of information, and making available to the government and the media, as well as in the duty on a place of conducting archaeological work in the tent, including night shifts in the tent for 2 person as there is on duty the night the priest and a couple of people from the ward.

Help to defend the priceless gift of God!

Contact tel coordinator duties:

8 985 7153 195 Marina Aleksandrovna.

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