Moscow youth will greet foreigners with the Russian holiday – Day of family, love and fidelity


The world Cup broke all tourism records in our country. Perhaps that more the number of guests from all continents will not be able to collect any event. That is why Moscow youth 8 July, the Day of family, love and fidelity, will be released on the Central streets of Moscow in Russian national costumes and congratulated Moscow residents and fans from around the world with this holiday.

Young people will have a real festival of Russian culture in the most popular areas of football fans from around the world, such as Nikolskaya street, the Fan fest on the Sparrow hills, etc. Every guest of the capital will receive a colorful souvenir postcard with a description of the holiday in Russian and English languages.

Boys and girls in different languages say the family – “Yes!” and oppose promiscuity. The family is great! Family is important! The family is long!

The youth will also conduct a survey of guests of the capital on the theme “What you mean family?” to create an objective view of the family on different continents.

According to the organizers, this event will not only tell the world that in our country there is, perhaps, the most family holiday in the world, but to show that our youth is aware of the importance of traditional values and serious attitude to marriage.

  • The venue: Moscow, Nikolskaya street.
  • Date and time: July 8, 16.00 – 18.00.

The organizer of the action (contact): Anastasia E. Horn, project coordinator of the Association of Orthodox youth movements “georgievtsy!”, tel 8 926 777 0 210, al. email: [email protected].

Additional information on the website and in a community “Vkontakte”

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