At the end of may in Ukrainian schools the last bell sounded, this time has passed and the graduation project “School of life” of the Association “Emmanuel” in the village of Khomutets, Zhytomyr region. Here “School of life” working for only one school year, but the project has already covered most of the guys living in the village. Teenagers are taught English, computer literacy, guitar, creativity, Lessons of independence, but for children open Club Superkey.

“Now in our “School of life” recorded 99 children. It’s a big part of the village, because in a secondary school has 141 children. Children are very happy, they are learning, and it is also a wonderful opportunity to witness about Christ to children”, — says Alexey Marchenko, Director of the project “School of Life” (Khomutets village, Zhytomyr region)

For the settlement, in which there are no clubs creativity, the work of the “School of life” — great value. Talking about it and the boys and their parents.

“In our village for children, no clubs, and to the “School of life” I had an experience: the child goes to the second grade, and in order to in any club it is 7 km to the center, in Brusilov, — tells mother of one of the students of the project Alena Savchuk. — And then open this school, and a daughter, reinforces English, it is on the work develops, it passes lessons Superbook… For me it is a great joy just the answer to my experiences!”

“I learned English, and we are there (in the “School of life”) made the egg, bird and flowers”, says a young student of the “School of life” Alina.

“I liked the guitar lessons and English,” says Vita.

“I know exactly what numbers to 13, slightly the English alphabet, and I learned on the project “School of life”, says Danik. We were taught Bible verses, and we once Superbook Club were taught how to communicate with God.”

“More affectionate and calm, more educated children become. Very this year visible change. And we are very grateful that there are people who care about our children and teach them the best,” says Tatiana, a mother of two students of the project “School of life”.

“In the “School of life” goes I have three kids, and when they come back, tell me things, share emotions, — says Natalya Tarasyuk. They started for each other to stand up. This was not. We are foster parents, the children did not have, but now they are for each other, stand for each other, stand up”.

“School of life” in Khomutets village is part of the Ministry of the local Church. Classrooms are equipped to project a new chapel, and this gave the opportunity to many children and their parents for the first time to go to Church and learn about Christ.

“Add children in Sunday school, many of them began to attend the services, — says Alexey Marchenko. — There are guys who have repented, and also on the youth Ministry began to come those who had never crossed the threshold of the Church”.

“Many drew attention to the Church, says the pastor of the Church “Light of gospel” in the village of Khomutets ‘ Sergey Tarasyuk. — Many parents objected when their children attended Church, but with the project “School of life” began to visit and began to look favourably at Church. And for the next year at least several localities we wish to open here in this area and to develop this Ministry.”

“Now, thanks to the vision of the pastor in the work with children, this project extends virtually the entire Zhytomyr region. There are also plans in Volyn region, Rivne, — says Olga Andrus, Manager of the project “School of life” (Kiev). — The pastor has a great vision that we are happy to support and be part of this vision.”

The students and teachers of the “School life” goodbye for the summer, mutually promising to meet in the new academic year. Guys willing to tell that participation in the project gave them a lot of useful knowledge. And that means next year we can expect more from a continuation of this work. And who knows, maybe someone from children’s classes at the “School of life” will help to reveal talents and to find their future profession, someone else to become bolder and more independent, at the right time to confidently open the door to the big world.

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