“Most importantly, you get to talk” – why Teens film club in the parish

What a movie to offer teenagers, how to ask questions that children wanted to talk seriously and openly, is it possible to convey Christian view without directivity and pathos and 9 movies teen movie club of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Khokhlov recommends that you see with the children.

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Come yourself, bring friends

– How old are you? the doctor asked the pioneer camp of the boy Mitya. He sits with a wet towel on the head. He’s got sunstroke.


– Fiction.


– What is going on with everyone. Look at all sixteen. Growth – 175.

Is a lot, a little?

– A lot, but it’s not exactly irrelevant.


– Because you all have this one just the appearance of… the shoulders of the calf, the heart of a child. However, it is also the appearance of…

Hushed teenagers, twenty people and several adults follow the fate of Mitya Lopukhin, hero solovievsky painting “one Hundred days after childhood.” Every two-three weeks, the priest Alexei Uminsky and his assistants pick the movie for movie club at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Khokhlov. Watch, discuss and share their experiences.

There is no problem to watch a movie to “bump this topic”. There is a cinema and a desire to bring people to the conversation.

Space interviews allow answers to complex questions, allows novoselchanin people off the street to talk with the priest about important things. The priest, through his system of values, without imposing opinions, without a direct command and pathos to convey to the interlocutors, the Christian’s view. Such random, who found information on Facebook, heard about the club from friends, in the hall a lot. They come again, bringing friends.

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It all began five years ago. Parishioners occasionally get together to watch a movie in the refectory of the temple. In today’s pastoral practice – business as usual. Watched first films of his youth, then honored, loud, new. If there is a space for adults, why not for children? Not immediately, but one day I realized that children (and after 12 years) is also worth sharing. His emotion and desire to be heard constantly asking the younger Teens who need a pause to get out of their shells…

– The film was shot in 1975, but went beyond the Soviet cinema. Time, the story that unfolds is quite relevant. What are your main feelings? asks adolescents Face Danusia.

– We over your feelings have no power…

– Yes, it’s adolescent dystopia. The film plunges into the atmosphere of an authoritarian regime, all the kids in it seem to be simple.

– No, they are not a gray mass, but behave unnaturally. Can, bad?..

– …Yes, they are just bereft of love. The main character wakes up sentimentalism. First, he is so swift, and then develop a noble selfishness. In the history of the compote makes a noble thing.

…But vile – adds Alexis.

Exactly. The hero realizes the gravity of love that can not Express. And in the last scene of kites is the metaphor of the passing of childhood. The hero’s journey, how he suffered, was in agony from love… it’s all about growing up.

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Most important of all – will you be able to talk

Lika worked in the hospice charity Fund “Vera”, when accidentally hit the club. Left not only the club, but in the temple. Together with the graduate of VGIK Dasha started to pick up the films for viewing. Over the years, looked more than thirty, fifteen films together with the discussion included in the book, which father Alex Uminsky issued this summer.

Free of stereotypes, not having a special thrust to the Soviet, partly puritanical cinema, together pick different movies. With all the variety of high-quality European and American cinema, in recognition of Faces, to view do not all. In some repels outright cruelty, others stop spare without measure sexuality.

The artistic value of the film for film club a secondary criterion, more important, if we can talk.

Once bezrybe Face offered to watch the children’s cartoon “song of the sea”. Nobody expected that children will lead adults on a serious conversation about emotions.

“We had a conditional failure. This movie “the Boy in the striped pyjamas” – says Lika. –

Announced restrictions 12+ and left at the discretion of parents, if they allow to watch the movie to younger children. One of the girls during the session, cried and left.

One of the adults then came, puzzled, like, why show this film? Other thanked with the words: “Merry movie we houses view. Together want to look sophisticated”. But that day, the children would not let his father Alexis an hour and a half. Such a long and strong discussion we never had. Questions rained down, the answers insisted.

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Only now, thanks to the critic Oksana Moroz, who wrote a thesis on collective trauma, I understand that the film is rushed, you should have insisted on restriction of 18+. This is a very specific perception of the film. In movies about the Holocaust usually Directors take the viewer through the experiences of the victims, but previously we were not introduced to the gas chamber. It’s not just dramatic and the climax of the film, this is a situation in which even an adult can not always cope with their feelings…”

Leaving childhood, happy adulthood

Alexis throws questions: “the Situation is fictional? It happens? Sometimes these themes can be shy to speak, but the film is touched?”

Suppressing his embarrassment, the guys talk “about first love, when you don’t know what’s going on with you, what to do with it”, “where to hide, because it’s not your fault that you fell in love, and you reject,” and that “love is really as sunstroke”, and “the antithesis of the main character is not sneaky and not stupid, he just doesn’t know how to love”.

Alexis carefully brings to the conversation about selfishness as the driving force of love. About selfishness, which requires a “give me mine”, and that often is exactly what is happening.

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– I think you can do anything if only to achieve and conquer. Any foolishness, even meanness. But if getting older, the person is not growing up, the love remains by way of self-realization and absorption of the other. And that is a problem. The Apostle Paul said important words about love: “Love seeks not its own”. Image Sony – touching and interesting. She sees who is in love with Mitya, as the unfolding relationship as he suffers. It is of note and teaches him to dance… She doesn’t care to Express their feelings. She’s ready for this feeling to live, to make it different and dedicate the next. Do not require yourself, and give. This is important because from this moment love begins, and love can be love.

“Because we’re with each other nothing is necessary”, – says Mitya. This is the moment of understanding, of growing up. And you’re right, flying snakes, outgoing childhood, happy adulthood. Maturity in thoughts and feelings.

Love can emerge like a self-serving love, but she should be able to be transformed. People should see themselves in this love, to feel, not hurting others, not using, not blackmailing. If the person is not growing up, maybe to gray hair live and his “love” to maim, to destroy, to suck the others, because it will require self-love. And it’s a disaster and a tragedy. But you can feel like adults and agree just love. Unrequited. Just live with this sense of beauty.

And just to appreciate life

– People often recommended to see a particular film. Usually this Patriotic movies and Patriotic. But even taken in the nineties, movies for teenagers – from another era. They have to work hard in order to perceive it, Wade. We have no taboos, we show different movies, trying to feel the audience – reflects the Face. –

Modern teenagers are strange, certainly, but not in the ghetto live. They have seen a lot and I know it is not a lame Mare to drive.

We saw a lot of terrible and serious films about death, about overcoming, about the hard growing up, although father Alex and believes that children still need to see easy, fun, good movie. One day we watched the Spanish film “Ball” about a guy from a dysfunctional family, which is not particularly strongly valued his life. Making friends with a classmate-a newcomer, he learns that it is different. This is an incredibly dramatic movie, and it’s about reality. One of the wards of the hospice as a teenager, he AGR. He goes to our club. When I first watched “the Ball”, I thought about it.

When it only took from the orphanage, he absolutely did not appreciate life. He had no ties. He constantly risked. It all the time pulling something to burn, for example. He uses a wheelchair and has never been afraid to fall, to break, mutilate myself, because I didn’t realize the value of their own lives. But when I learned the meaning of family, love, care, when the mother, he formed his own attitude to life. Now he is afraid to lose her. He’s not ready to leave the life he loved. And it’s about growing up.

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Another year and a half ago, when it came to ventilation, he said he would never let that happen, because I do not want to “sit on the pipe”. Now he has changed, I suspect that in choosing a palliative way will change.

You know, the movie, the conflicts, the problems that come up in the movies – these are things that become a reason for serious conversation, which is just as a teenager will not start.

Teen film club recommends:
“Red like the sky”, a movie Cristiano the Bourton (Italy, 2006)

The film is about a teenager who while playing with his dad’s old rifle accidentally shoots her. The boy gets a serious head injury and loses his or her eyesight. According to the laws of Italy blind – a hopeless cripple who can’t learn in regular school… the Film is based on the biography of one of the most gifted engineers of our time Mirko of Mencacci.

“Elina as if I wasn’t”, a film by Klaus Hare (Sweden, Finland, 2002)

Elina growing up without a father, who recently died after a long illness. She lives in a small Finnish village in the North of Sweden. Conscious of the injustice and dishonesty of the adults, she suffers from school bullying. Grey and cruel world Elina sometimes hiding in the swamp. Father taught her how to go into the swamp and drowned, to survive, to persist. Only in these wanderings on the Moors, the girl finds solace and strength. Based on the novel “If I didn’t exist” takes viewers in the 50-ies of XX century.

“Heavenly camel”, a film by Yuri Feting (Russia, 2015)

In Kalmykia there is a legend about the celestial camel, the cloud that brings rain to a dry steppe. Under such a cloud born baby Altinka. Poor shepherd Dorji sold a small camel for the film. The camel fled to the steppe for the baby. The son of the shepherd’s 12-year-old Bair went to look for her. The film adaptation of the tale Alzati Mangaway “Far away in the steppe” tells of the relationship of man and nature.

“The kid”, a film by Alejandro Gomez Monteverde (USA, 2015)

Happy and friendly family. A little boy surrounded by love. With parents like his, there is nothing to fear. But serene existence of breaks in the Second world war and her whole heart chilling horror. The father goes to the front. The only and hottest dream boy, so the father returned from the front.

Pelikan, movie, Olivier Orel (France, Greece, 2011)

His mother’s death unsettles the usual course of life small but seemed strong families. Father withdraws into himself and does not want to communicate with anyone, even his only son. The bird the Pelican, who one day rescues a boy that becomes a connecting link between the father and son. It turns out that the Pelican is able to restore the unfortunate man to life, and to help the boy regain his father.

“Me, Earl and the dying girl”, a movie Alfonso Gomez-Rehome (USA, 2015)

Two Teens enjoy Amateur movie, remaking old movies. Once in the field, their attention gets a girl Rachel, a classmate, whose recently discovered leukemia. A hobby helps kids not only make friends, become indispensable to each other, but also to resolve important issues.

“Ball”, a film by Achero the Manyas (Spain, 2000)

Ball – the nickname of the guy from a dysfunctional family, where all led by a despotic father. The boy did not particularly appreciate his life. He always walks the razor’s edge. But familiarity with freshman classmate Alfredo suddenly transforms it. The ball opens up a good family, where there is a healthy relationship and understanding. He joins new friends, but his own father does not approve of this friendship.

“Experiment 2: the Wave”, a film by Dennis Hansel (Germany, 2008)

The action takes place in our days in Germany. History teacher, talking about Nazism, offers high school students the experiment. Only a week to live according to the laws of a totalitarian state, with its rigid discipline, total control and a system of penalties. Children willingly agree, but at some point the situation gets out of control.

“Brand new life”, the film Owney Lemma (France, 2009)

The main character was in the shelter. There brought her father, who is widowed, raised a daughter alone for several years. Finding a new wife, he essentially gets rid of the child. Someone from the children at the orphanage dreams of finding foster parents, and only Jin Hee plans to return home. She doesn’t believe in betrayal. The film is inspired by memories of the Korean filmmaker, which in the 70-ies was adopted by a French couple.

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