Mouse George, who lives in the garden. Fabulous pictures of an ordinary mouse family

English photographer Simon Cases built for the mice in your garden an entire village. It small animals can live in safety, and the man manages to photograph them. Mice even have an account on Facebook – “George the Mouse in a log pile house”.

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“One day I was photographing birds in the garden and noticed something moving in the grass. I sent the camera down and with surprise and joy saw the pretty little mouse, who was standing in the freshly cut grass as meerkat”.


“I immediately realized that it is a star, and ran back home for peanuts. Just a minute later he came back for a treat. It was at this point I thought that I would give him refuge and a safe place to hide and eat.”


“At first we had only one mouse. She had a torn ear, and we named her George. I made him a house out of the box, covered it with moss and straw and overlaid small logs”.


“Then I made a wire fence along the fence, so the cats can’t get to the mouse. I also have a small dog breed Jack Russell Terrier, so the cats know not to enter my garden. Dog mice do not pay attention.”


“A few days later I began to feel that the house is not one mouse, and very soon they both came to us for piece of food.”


“I decided to build them a house, because I wanted to give them a safe place where they will not become the prey of cats and other animals. Moreover, as I fed the mice I thought it will be my mistake if they come out and become a victim. And as a wildlife photographer I wanted to create for them a beautiful habitat for pictures that will do it.”


“The first house of logs was very simple, and I built it in just over an hour. However, the next day there were more mice, so I made a few changes and added more rooms. In the house there are 2 or 3 entry and exit so they can escape. Within a few months, the village is continuously growing”.


“I have prepared the house for the cold winter that the mice were more likely to survive. I counted 5 or more mice, and the female, Mildred, seems to be pregnant, so hopefully by Christmas we will have many little mice”.


“Mice are wild animals, so they are still hiding, if I get too close or moving too fast. Sometimes I manage to sit down a few feet away from them with a camera, and they seem happy to drop the nuts.”


“Mouse is still here and live happily ever after. It is winter, days are shorter and they do not go very often. When it gets dark, they are difficult to see. However, I see that they have a day for food and by morning there is nothing left. I also leave them feathers from old pillows to enable them to warm their beds inside on these cold English winter nights.”

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