MP: “Mock Cathedral” will not act to heal the split

Andriy Derkach said that after the 15 Dec for Orthodox believers almost nothing will change.

Outcome of the Council will be “ashamed”: the authority of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine is prescribed far less than in the Patriarchal letter about autonomy for the UOC.

“Unification Council”, which is going to be held in Kyiv on December 15, unification will not be, says MP 3-8 convocations, candidate of legal Sciences, Professor of Kyiv Theological Academy and Seminary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Andrey Derkach. He wrote about this in his blog on the resource

According to the MP, the event, which he calls “mock Cathedral” and “Cathedral of shame” to the Exarch of Constantinople, Metropolitan of Gaul Emmanuel will “make a handful of “believers” dissenters and traitors to create a battle-worthy battalions of the Ecumenical Orthodoxy.”

“Because it’s hard to do, to help the Ukrainian security forces – says Derkach. – They are busy interviewing bishops and support them under the arm in the AP. Kind of an “Autocephalous detachments””.

The author is convinced that “the result is Amusing Cathedral will be ashamed of: the Charter and authority for ptsu (Autocephalous) is written smaller than in the Patriarchal letter about autonomy for the UOC”.

“The Cathedral itself will not act to heal division and certainly not a unification, – the Deputy writes in his blog. – It will be a “small-town Sabantui” and the parade “the Universal inability and inadequacy” in the performance of Vinnitsa drama theatre and let in the Holy Sophia, albeit with elements of outrageousness and pathos, rolling eyes and folding of hands and a boat”.

However, he believes that after 15 Dec for Orthodox believers almost nothing will change.

“Millions of Ukrainians believe in God, not in the presidential election and believe their Primate the prayer for Ukraine to Metropolitan Onufry. It is known in Greece, and in Jerusalem, and on mount Athos. You can ask a question there, “who to go to for answers in Ukraine?”, and get back his name. They say before dawn is always the darkest. This darkness of “autocephaly on call”, and the dark current is infinite even in matters of religion of power will take place. Dawn will come, he’s already there. We will survive and win. Just now is the time. Time confession of Faith,” – said the MP.

We will remind, earlier Petro Poroshenko declared that “unification Council”, which will create a new Church structure in Ukraine, held on December 15 in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. The Synod decided to consider the “unification Council” unlawful Assembly. As reported by the SPM, his Beatitude Onufry, and other hierarchs of the UOC received the invitation to the “unification Council”, return them to the Patriarch of Constantinople without an answer.

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