MP Ungureanu demanded to investigate the waste of budget funds for the holding of gay parade – Your Bible

According to MP from the faction “people’s front” Pavel Unguryan, to hold and protect the “equality March”, held June 17 in Kiev, from the taxpayers spent several million hryvnia. Check the legality of such spending of budgetary funds from the demanded from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of the law enforcement officers, write ”Ukrainian news”.

“This event took millions of hryvnias from the Ukrainian budget to twenty minutes through the streets of Vladimir and Leo Tolstoy, just two blocks away, it took some number of people, accompanied by representatives of foreign embassies and other foreigners who have come to Ukraine to celebrate the introduction of same-sex lifestyle,” said Unguryan, the Deputy, during his speech in Parliament.

According to the MP, such spending is inadmissible, especially in terms of military action, which involved Ukraine. “In 2014, we all together, together with the Kiev authorities, has decided that it is not expedient in terms of military action. We have that today the war is over?” said Ungureanu.

In addition, the member questioned that such spending would be approved by the taxpayers. “I have a question, the taxpayers of Ukraine gave consent to that the millions-millions of hryvnias spent on something that does not lead to strengthening of the country does not improve fertility leads to the intensification of the Ukrainian army? Who needed it?” – the Deputy was indignant Ungureanu.

The MP noted that in addition to the inconvenience, which was created by the people of Kiev overlapping and blocking traffic almost everywhere in the heart of Kiev, was more unpleasant episodes. Some of the peaceful protesters who came out to Express their opposition, were subjected to beating by the security forces and thrown in jail.

In the end, the Deputy Ungureanu, appealed to relevant agencies with a request to investigate the legality of spending of budgetary funds for this event. “Please consider this statement of the parliamentary inquiry and asked to understand why budgetary funds, taxpayer funds, in Ukraine, go to the service of someone else’s foreign whims”, – concluded the Deputy.

Recall that for the protection of representatives of sexual minorities who participated in the March on 17 June, on the streets of Kiev was withdrawn more than six thousand security forces, which had about a thousand members of the National guard of Ukraine.

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