MPs: the Current regime is trying to destroy the Ukrainian Orthodoxy

The leaders of the “Opposition platform for life,” Vadim Rabinovich, and Yuriy Boyko

“The opposition platform of Pro – life” is going to appeal in court the bill No. 5309.

The Ukrainian government makes attempts to destroy the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, when voting in support of bill No. 5309, said “the Opposition platform for life” on its official website.

“The Verkhovna Rada adopted the controversial draft law No. 5309 on renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has trampled on the opinion of millions of its parishioners. Parliament went on about the President Poroshenko passed a law, which completely negates the constitutional principle of separation of Church and state” – believe the opposition.

They believe that the MPs who supported the bill were guided by greed, hatred, and enmity.

“The opposition platform for life” intends to appeal against the decision of the Parliament on the renaming of religious organizations.

“Now we are analyzing all the legal aspects of this issue and form a position,” – said the founder of “the Opposition platform” Yuriy Boyko.

He considers the actions of the Verkhovna Rada opened an insult to the canonical Church.

“It is unacceptable that the government indicates what the Church is good and what is bad. We absolutely do not agree with this approach, said Boiko – we will do everything in order to restore justice”.

Bill No. 5309 requires the introduction of the Law of Ukraine “On freedom of conscience and religious organizations” changes “regarding the names of religious organizations (associations), which are included in the structure (are part) religious organizations (enterprises), leadership (control) of which is located outside Ukraine, in a state that, according to the Law of Ukraine, recognized by carrying out military aggression against Ukraine and/or temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”.

Yuriy Boyko immediately after the vote of Parliament for this bill, called it “a step towards the raider seizure of churches”.

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