Mustache: Faith and the Bible since childhood, I teach that you cannot answer evil with evil

Undefeated Ukrainian professional boxer Alexander Usik.

Famous Ukrainian boxer said why he doesn’t pay attention to insulting words in his address.

In an interview published on the YouTube channel USYK17 December 5, Oleksandr Usyk reminded that at all times people who were able to achieve something in life, were both followers and detractors.

“There have always been those who followed him, supported him, and there were those that found fault and demanded evidence that they believed in his power or in something else – it’s natural,’ said Moustache. Those who bark are poor people, differently I can not name them. Weak eyes and thoughts you eat.”

Athlete once again underlined that is Orthodox Christian and not paying attention to different words in the address, including on charges of separatism.

“Who is a separatist? Is a traitor of some sort, Yes? Do not pay attention to it for two reasons for two reasons. First, I do not care who there is something in me says. I know what I need to do, I know my circle of friends I know who supports me, I know who for me. The second is the nature of people. They want to hurt me word that they want me to call, so I may also in response to something said. But I have faith since childhood, teaches the gospel, the Bible that you cannot answer evil with evil,” said Alexander.

As reported by PWC, informed Oleksandr Usyk said that everything he has is thanks to God.

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