Mutts-Ola Ishoel wrote a book about pastoral Ministry

Senior pastor of Church “Word of life” in Moscow mutts-Ola Ishoel has released a new book, “Pastor.”

In the book the author of “clear and highlights the main practical issues of pastoral Ministry, which is in the local Church includes leaders in different positions and a broad spectrum of activities from preaching and teaching to care for people, administration, and planning”.

On the website “Word of life” (Moscow) readers can also find videoscouple to each Chapter. As noted, “a short interview with pastor mutts-oloj complement the book and make the reading lively and interactive”.

In addition, the book “the Pastor” is available in audio format.

Mutts-Ola Ishoel – Bishop, senior pastor of Church “Word of life” in Moscow. Under his leadership the Church is growing every year, services are held not only in its main building in Moscow, but also in the regions of Moscow and the nearest Moscow region. The Church was active in social, charitable and youth work.

You can buy the book in the publishing house “Golden pages”.


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