My name is Heidi. My life is just as important as the lives of others

Heidi Crowther – 23 years old, and she has down syndrome. She works, lives in a separate apartment and meets a guy. Seven years ago she became the victim of a cruel meme and is now trying to show everyone that her life is just as important as the lives of others. The BBC posted a video with the British woman Heidi Crowther. In the short video, girl destroys 4 of the myth around of down syndrome.

Heidi. Photo: Caters News Agency

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The victim of trolling on the Internet

When Heidi was 16, her family was faced with hatred and persecution on the Internet.

An anonymous user used a photo of a girl who was posted on one of the sites for the support of parents, to create an annoying meme. The picture began to spread in the network, it was used when he wanted to hurt the opponent and call him stupid.

In 2011, the girl’s mother Liz Crowther found their page on Facebook, where you derided people with mental disabilities. Liz repeatedly wrote in support of the site asking them to delete the images, but received no response.

Heidi’s mom. Photo: Caters News Agency

“Trolls, cowardly people who should be punished for the damage they cause to people with their comments. Heidi says she’s very upset about these images and turns away whenever he sees them on the computer screen,” Liz told reporters.

Parents say that their child also can bring happiness

After 2 years she again became a celebrity. She delivered a speech during a rally against the widespread introduction of non-invasive prenatal testing (all nipt) in a National health service starting in 2018.

“My name is Heidi, I’m 20 years old, I work in a Barber shop, I have down syndrome, and my life is as important and as full of happiness as the lives of others.

When parents say that their child has a disability, they do not always receive the necessary support and information.

Do not tell them that their child too can flourish. Im not talking about the possibilities of this new human life and how much love and happiness they can have and bring to life his family and society,” she explained.

Tests that plans to enter the government, will lead to the fact that each year will be fewer children born with down syndrome, says Heidi.

“Our society and health services do not understand that children with disabilities is part of the diversity and wealth of life. Parents need support and help so they can care for their children, not to stand in front of a hopeless choice. I’m here because I believe that we are all equally valuable and should be valued equally,” – said the girl.

Heidi continues to defend the rights of people with disabilities. In the summer she performed at the world Congress on Down Syndrome and told how his example is trying to inspire people.

“I want to show people that despite the down Syndrome I am beautiful for who I am,” she told the BBC journalist.

“It is very important to have the right to vote. I like to participate in these events and have a voice that is heard well. I hope that holding this event is to change the human heart and will help people to accept us.”


Myth # 1 People with down syndrome can not work

Heidi for several years successfully working in a children’s Barber shop. “I gave you this job because you came for her. You’re a good listener,” explains boss girls Marion Barnes.

Myth # 2 People with down syndrome can live independently

The past 3 years Heidi lives separately from parents and do not use them. “I think it’s wonderful to move into his own apartment in 20 years. I’m proud that you’re the one doing all the shopping and housework,” says the girl’s mother Liz.

Myth # 3 It is always fun

“She’s not always cheerful. She has exactly the same emotions and discontent as other people”

Myth # 4 it will not Have relations

From Heidi is a young man, also with down syndrome. “I think that people with down syndrome can have relationships,” he says and calls Heidi “the most precious girl in the world”.

People’s attitudes towards her and other people with the syndrome upset Heidi. “It makes me think that my life has no value. But this is not so.”

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