Natalia Ostashko: “God cares about me”

An amazing story, which began with my friendship with God.

I am from Ukraine, Slavyansk. It is a small town with a population of 150 thousand people. And my husband is from Moscow. In 2008 we had the eldest son. At this time we lived in Slavyansk. And about a year later I got pregnant with my second child. We really wanted to have two children. But at the first ultrasound I was told that amniotic bubble is enshrined in all the wrong places, and warned that with fetal growth problems will increase. There is a high probability that I will not be able to bring it to the end of the term.

Approximately 4 months had the first problem, and I went to the hospital. To walk was impossible.

God I was like this: He almost doesn’t care about me, He is strict, and It is not necessary to distract on trifles. With this idea I started to ask Him, so all ended well.

Every day for me was a horror! I lived in constant fear. In General, life when you don’t have, Which always gives you hope, is a solid fear and longing.

I spent 28 weeks in my pregnancy, and the contractions started. My youngest son was born weighing in 1300 He was with my palm. It was necessary to go to a neighboring town where there was special equipment for such children. Ukraine has no health insurance. Urgently needed money. That is a ridiculous amount for us. My husband and fathers died and mothers are barely making ends meet. There was no one to help.

And second — even if you have money and no guarantee that the child will remain disabled.

Son we named Grisha. I had to leave him alone in the hospital to look for money for treatment. It would have been treated at state expense, only if I wrote. Husband called all of my friends in Moscow, asking in debt, but no one was able to help.

First time I ever saw my husband crying. From impotence! He went somewhere and I sat down and for the first time in my life so deeply aware of his utter helplessness before the situation! At this point I realized that, except a miracle, nothing will be able to help, and said to God: “You gave me this child! You admitted that he was still alive! Now do You leave him to die simply because there is no money? You know, do what you want, if he dies, let it be on Your conscience! I wash my hands.” And here comes to mind the thought: “Go to your neighbor.” I never knew him, only saw that he had a good car for our town. Think: “will, what harm could it do”. And he immediately gave me the amount that was needed.

We moved Grisha in the hospital. I had to leave him alone, because the first was too small and my husband went to Moscow to earn money for drugs. Every day I called the hospital and was prescribed a new medication list. A few days later the money ran out. Me on the phone dictated another list, I put down the phone and said, “God, what now are You going to do? I have nowhere else to take it, You know!” Then call. I came to my grandmother and said that the election of a new mayor, and she gives money to anyone who needs medical assistance. I took the necessary information and carried them. The next day I got a call and was invited to come. I went to the office and I was given a wad of money! I’m so confused. Said, “it is necessary to Sign anything?” And to me, “Run, treat!” I laughed and cried at the same time! For the first time in my life I realized that the Lord was not indifferent! What He LOVES! And that He really cares about me!

The money was enough for all. We paid all the debts, her husband returned. We took Greene out of the hospital. Now it was the second “but”… the Problem with lung, heart, nervous system. After a time, added vision problems. One eye saw 20% other — 80 %.

But I already knew that my God to all this is the case! And that It will cure all that will fit.

And so it was. Now my son is 8 years old. He has no problems with heart, lungs. Vision this year we checked and the optometrist couldn’t believe it — 100% each eye! Although predicted to have glasses, treatment. Neurology is a little, but we, with God’s help, overcome!

All the teachers and friends just love the Grisha. They say that he is like a ray of light! Always smiling, friendly with all. He even metro comes to strangers and begins to communicate with them. And I see how people have lifted the mood!

Here is a miracle given to me by the Lord!

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