National day of prayer for Ukraine-2018: thousands of Christians United in intercession for their country

June 2, in Kiev Palace of sports hosted a major prayer event in Ukraine – the national day of prayer. In the petition before God United the representatives of different Christian denominations in the country. There were about 10 thousand participants, the organizers said.

“We are here to call upon the name of God to ask for peace in our country, to ask for healing in our hearts. This peace and healing come only from Jesus Christ,” he said, opening the event, initiator of the day of prayer is a British Evangelist David Hasawa.

Main part of the event was allotted for prayer. Alternately, the senior bishops of churches led the congregation in intercession for different spheres of public life of Ukraine.

Prayer for the unity of churches led the senior Rabbi of the Kyiv Messianic Jewish community , Borys Grisenko. He noted that the country has already seen the answers of God to prayer of the Ukrainians.

“We already feel the beneficial breakthroughs that have occurred in Ukraine since the beginning of these prayers. Incredible things we saw last year, when hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Khreshchatyk on thanksgiving. In our part of the world was nothing like this. Also this morning we saw kilometers of Christians from different denominations in a single stream in defense of family values passed on the Central streets of the capital. We expect to continue through the prayer and greater unity in the Body of the Messiah.”

The head of the Ukrainian interchurch Council, senior Bishop UHC “New generation” Andrey Tishchenko am confident that the National day of prayer is an important condition for Ukraine has come a spiritual awakening.

“All the Christian denominations come together to pray. I believe this is another step to ensure revival to come in our land. Ukraine was created by God to put up millions of strong spiritual leaders and went on all the face of the earth, to carry the gospel”, — said Andrey Tishchenko.

“Prayer is something that unites all faiths and denominations, regardless of statutes. Our country especially needs now in the protection of God and the world,” said Yuri Babinets, pastor, Deputy Bishop Philip Savochka of Salvation Church.

The event was broadcast live on the website the day of prayer, on the channels БОГ.TV, “Hope”, CNL “New Christian”, etc. To prayer across the stream joined tens of thousands of Christians from different countries.

In addition, in honor of the year of the word of God in Ukraine during the event, each participant could write a single verse of Scripture in a special book. “So we can remind ourselves of the importance of the Bible in our life”, — said the host.

The day before the event was held a press-conference, where the organizers told about the purposes of prayer.

“The national day of prayer — a meaningful word, because we want to come to the world and in Ukraine well and it is a good intentions, but reading for more than 50 years the Bible and exploring it, we find things like: if a nation state is rejected of God, it loses the protection of God and loses God’s intercession. Sin and the world — are incompatible. We need to bring our entire society to the President that without God and a righteous life will not be blessing for Ukraine”, — said Mykhailo Panochko, senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Church of Christians of Evangelical faith (Pentecostal).


The entry of the National day of prayer for Ukraine:


National day of prayer for Ukraine-2018

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Mykhailo Panochko invites you to national day of prayer for Ukraine

In Kiev held a national day of prayer for Ukraine

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