National day of prayer has collected 10 of thousands of Christians of different denominations

We can safely say that thanks to the initiative of the British Evangelist David Gassaway among the national holidays of Ukraine has another national Day of prayer.

June 2, 2018, the Kiev Palace of sports in the third time became the meeting place of Christians in different regions of Ukraine and the joint interfaith prayer. This year the figure is 10 thousand participants — objective. In the hall there were no vacant seats.

“Between us is enough factors that divide us — such as various modes and forms of Ministry to God, different views may be on some doctrines. But, Thank God, we have left that we can all unite is prayer. The more United we are, the more we have the power to ferment this world and isolate the land. And I believe that this prayer will destroy the walls of stereotypes, prejudice between churches and will work together to work, to act and serve in this country, for she was truly a Christian”, — said Yuri Smolar, pastor of Church “New generation” (Kiev).

“In such a difficult time for Ukraine is very important for us to be together. And furthermore, before the Lord in unity. It as a sign to God that, first and foremost, we trust Him”, — explained the purpose of his presence one of the participants of prayer Tatiana.
“Very nice to watch when a large number of people is not going to show, and to prayer — to come to pray for a specific list with specific needs and objectives. We, the people believing, it’s nice, and I think (based on the Gospels), we can say that heaven is nice, — said Ruslan Kukharchuk, the head of the public movement “All together”. — If three years ago it was an experiment, today it is a good tradition. She continues!”

“Of course, what is happening here today at the National prayer for Ukraine, it’s another step, another drop may be a drop in the bowl of prayers. God will give the answer! God gives answers, and we will see His incredible Glory when we continue to pray more”, — said Vitaly Orlov, coordinator of the national prayer marathon.


During the event prayed for spiritual revival of Ukraine and the spread biblical values in all spheres of society, strengthening the institution of family, the blessing of children and young people, peace in the East of the country, the unity of Christians. And it’s not just prayer. It is a spiritual war that really changed the story! In 2017 year, as part of the 500th anniversary of the reformation in Ukraine were hundreds of large Christian events, and for the first time — a year-round marathon of fasting and prayer. This year, the marathon continued.

“When people begin to pray — this is the beginning of awakening, says the coordinator of the national prayer marathon Vitaly Orlov. — Last year 85 870 thousand believers from 1792 churches praying around the clock, stood in the gap for our land, for the transformation of Ukraine, for the transformation of society and the repentance of the hearts of men!”

“When the Church begins to pray, God begins to move, — says the coordinator of the national prayer marathon in Kyiv and Kyiv region Petr Marchenko. Without prayer impossible changes and transformation of the nation. But our prayer must be not only once a year or week, but you need to every Sunday, every Church can pray for your people, for country, for Church, for the influence of the Church!”

In the framework of the National day of prayer for Ukraine began another initiative, aimed at uniting Christians. In the project of the Ukrainian Bible society can take part everyone, personally adding a line of Scripture in a unique handwritten Bible. A day of National prayer for Ukraine appeared first chapters of Scripture, and the initiative will continue in other regions of Ukraine. Book of handwritten sheets will be formed in the course of the year. This action is already nominated to the national register of records of Ukraine.

“I think it is a good action, because it is also as a symbol of unity. People take God’s word that you write, morals and values, which are there laid Jesus Christ in their lives. Therefore, I think, as a sign of agreement with His words, they participate in this action,” — says Tatiana. She personally rewrote one of the poems in the manuscript of the Bible.

God knows everything, and He does not need the prayers of Christians, to respond to the need. But a zealous prayer is by Christians, to come close to Christ, filled with the Power of the Holy spirit and to find that unity, through which the world finds in them the disciples of Jesus.

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