Nationalists Chernigov prepare an action from the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the UOC

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Chernihiv

We want every Orthodox moved to TSU, representatives of the “Right Sector” in Chernihiv.

January 6, 2019 at 10:00 NLM “Right sector” in Chernihiv planned to hold an “open dialogue” with the parishioners of Holy Trinity Cathedral, said the organizers in Facebook.

The nationalists emphasized that the parishioners of the canonical Church “it is time to peacefully go to ptsu”.

“We seek unity, because this is our strength. We want every Orthodox believer was transferred to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and a resurgent national identity. Moscow, the Church bears the traditions of others, intoxicate the heads of our brothers and sisters, forcing Ukrainians to question their own authority and power, but now it’s time to peacefully go to the Ukrainian Church,” – said representatives of “Right sector”.

The organizers of “the event” invited the media to participate in their promotions.

The same action, the nationalists had planned to spend 6 January 2019 and the Cathedral of Vinnytsia diocese UOC together to explain to the faithful the necessity of transition to the PCU.

We will remind, right after signing Thomas, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine is now teaming “only love and prayer.”

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