Near Rostov the former homeless recovering the old Church


Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin on the banks of the don near Rostov restore former homeless people who now have a home: some of them live in a trailer near the Church, and the rest at the Church of the Holy virgin on the outskirts of the city, reports the website Приход.Ru.

“We of the churches of the diocese, in principle, send all the homeless and drug addicts. The phenomenon is very interesting — that the Church restore people to such a fate,” — said the rector of the Church father Eugene, who was quoted by the news Agency TASS, – “Come — first breaking, and then scolded, there is limited — everyone goes through it. Someone is burned out, runs away, and others remain and makes a lot of sense. A lot of homeless people participated in the construction of the temple, I do not believe ever, the names of all know.”

The priest said that over the seven years of construction in Pokrovsky Church, who came here 14 men met the women and started families. Now employed at the construction site a few homeless, and for complex work, if the local inhabitants are no masters desired profile hiring specialists from outside.

Father Eugene together with their wards not only working, but also resting: play football together, go to the lake, where the Abbot, who concurrently is also an avid fisherman, conducts master classes.

Assumption Church built in 1908, the Cossacks-old believers. In the beginning of 1960-ies under the guise that you need to open an elementary school, it was closed and almost 50 years was not functioning, in 2011-2012, the building was donated to the Russian Orthodox Church. Serious work on its restoration began in 2014.

The main works have been completed. It remains to carry out heating, lay the floors, make the iconostasis, which needs about 2 million rubles. While services are held twice a week — on Saturdays and Sundays. On the walls already placed the old icons.

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