At the end of last week on cinema screens released a new Christian film “the Resurrection of Christ.” This is the story of the Roman military who is ordered to investigate the disappearance of Jesus ‘ body after the crucifixion.

“Christ’s resurrection” is the story of the resurrection, through the eyes of an unbelieving Roman soldier. British actor Joseph Fiennes plays the circle of Clavius.

“I was attracted to this idea: look with the eyes of the Roman tribune, who used to suppress the uprising and fight the parishes of new “Messiahs” every week. He is committed to the arrival of the Roman Emperor to restore order in Judea with Pontius Pilate. So he starts the investigation of the most significant murders of all time,” says Joseph Fiennes.

Clavi and his assistant Lucius, played by English actor Tom Felton, get Pontius Pilate’s job to see that the followers of Jesus steal His body, claiming that He rose from the dead. Felton, known for his role of Draco Malfoy in the films Harry Potter, says he was attracted to the creative reimagining of the biblical story.

“Biblical history or biblical aspect of the film, is what I have known since childhood, and I know that many members of my generation one way or another are familiar with it. So I was so interested in the opportunity to tell the story from a completely different point of view. We offer a new reading of the most famous stories in the world,” says actor Tom Felton.

Rich Peluso Studio producing Christian films “Affirm filmz”, is one of the producers of the project. He hopes that “the Resurrection of Christ” will continue its box office success of other Christian paintings.

“These stories have the full right to exist. If I am not mistaken, according to studies, 127 million Americans attend Christian churches every week. This means that the films Christian themes is not a “niche” and “mainstream,” says producer rich Peluso.

Some believe “the Resurrection of Christ” as a continuation of the 2004 blockbuster “the passion of the Christ”, which, according to the producer, Mickey Liddell, is a high standard.

“Of course, it’s wonderful, very beautiful film. We tried to reach the same high standard of cinematography in all respects”, says Mickey Liddell.

At the same time, Peluso hopes that the film will be for spectators not just another biblical story: “I want the believers came after watching the film encouraged and excited, and just overwhelmed by the other side of this story, and that they wanted to re-read the Scripture. As for unbelievers, I want them to think seriously: “Maybe Christ really rose from the dead?” So they began to think and examine the evidence that is right in front of them!” says rich Peluso.

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