Caitlin Burke introduces us to one driver of a taxi in new York, which.
Kenneth Drayton — driver service Uber in new York. This work is part-time allows him daily to fulfill their fundamental vocation.

“Any believer who is filled with the Holy spirit, their top priority should consider the mission of God and purpose of God on a daily basis,” says Kenneth.

According to Kenneth, he was always involved in Ministry and not even thought about how to earn money in this way.

“But one day my oldest son said, “Dad, why don’t you try Uber? It’s a pretty decent income. It is possible to earn not bad”. I said, “Well, I don’t know…” Then I found out more about this service, found that drivers in new York must be licensed TLC Commission taxi and limousine. It turned out that this is an expensive process. But one day I was sitting in a restaurant in Brooklyn and heard a voice. This voice spoke to me and said, “Go and get a license TLC”. He sounded so clear and loud that I even looked around to understand if you can hear other people in the restaurant. But it was obvious that he heard this voice I have inside. And I thought, “Okay. I understand that it is the voice of the Lord. He speaks to me”. So I listened to them.

Kenneth is already a year behind the wheel and I am sure that this brought him a God.

“Many of those who sat in the car with me, was upset about something or worried. Anyway, I feel that many of these people God sends to me,” says Kenneth.

According to Drayton, from the moment when a passenger sits in the back seat, until the moment when he emerges from the car, it is the Holy Spirit and directs the conversation.

“We need to be sensitive, to be able to listen to It. And most importantly — to have wisdom. In the Bible it is clearly stated: “winneth souls is Wise”” he says.

Kenneth has one goal — to be obedient to God. Sometimes it means talking to passengers. And sometimes — on the contrary, to be silent. In any case, he believes that the true Purchaser of the shower is always effective.

“God sends many to work the vineyards. Someone throws, someone sows — all doing what God sees fit, and what He calls them. And the Holy Spirit decides how to germinate a seed,” explains Kenneth.

The taxi driver does not expect to always be the driver, “uber”, but until God calls him to anything else: “I believe that the main attention should be paid not “Removed,” and that is the will of God.”

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