Nick Vujicic: “From suicide stopped me the love of my parents”

Nick Vujcic turned 36 years old. Now he is the father of four children a year ago, his family had girls, twins. Tell how he went from depression and attempted suicide up to a full happy life.

Nick with his wife and eldest son

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Nick Vujicic was born in Australia to a family of emigrants from Serbia. His mother Dushka Vujicic was a nurse and helped to be born one hundred children. At age 25 she learned that she was pregnant, was careful to take medicine, refused alcohol and was observed by the best doctors.

The bigger was her shock when she learned that her first child was born without arms and legs.

The first days Darling refused to look and touch his son, and only support and respect her husband Boris Vujcic helped her accept her disability son.

“My birth was for the parents and our parish is not a holiday, but immense grief. “If God is a loving God, said the people, why did He allow such to happen?”” says Nick about himself.

I was stopped only the love of parents

Nick was the first child with a disability in Australia, which after the change of legislation in the ‘ 90s began to attend a regular school. Relations with classmates was not straightforward, peers persecuted him, and the boy was not able to find friends. In addition, he thought more about his future. He was only 8 years old when he became depressed.

Nick in childhood

“I thought of what awaits me in life, will I ever be independent? Or I will forever be a burden to my parents? I’ll never be able to marry. I have no purpose in life, – he says about himself.

– When I have experienced depression, it was difficult because I heard about the loving God who loves me, but made me or allowed me to be so, and not made a miracle and gave my hands and feet.”

When nick was 10, he tried to commit suicide. He asked the mother to pour water into the tub and tried to drown herself. Roll down proved difficult, and during the attempts Nick has clearly imagined your funeral and parents grieving. It was enough that Nick had given up trying.

“I stopped loving my parents. I loved them, and all they did was love me. I imagined my funeral. I introduced my parents and the guilt on their shoulders that they couldn’t do more.”

Nick Vujicic with his family in his childhood

Later he will talk in detail about his depression in his book “Life without limits: a terrific way to a happy life” and get hundreds of letters from people who were considering suicide and at the last moment, read his book and change your mind.

A few years later, Nick was finally able to overcome his depression, to love myself and learn to appreciate and be grateful to God for his life. Already at the University, he finally realized the meaning of his life is to tell other people about their lives and be an example to others.

“The saddest moments in my life when I see that people do not see their value, do not see their potential, believe in the lie that they’re ugly or that they have nothing that they will not be with those with whom they are happy,” he says.

Nick Vujicic in Russia. Photo: Anna Danilova

Be thankful and help others

Nick follows three rules in life that have been taught by his parents. “First, be grateful for what I have,”he says. The average American spends on prayer more than three minutes a day, but a simple listing of the things that the grateful person can help his prayer.

Secondly, parents have taught him not to forget about the poor and the needy, stressing that “there is no better medicine for the heart than to come to the aid of another”.

Finally, if the person is still mad at God, despite the prayer and help of others, he should not blame yourself in this.

“You can’t change how I feel, it’s natural, God made us this way. Talk to someone, a psychologist, someone who is trained to talk,” he says and adds that it is important to”vent their feelings”.

But the biggest temptation for him – “to feel comfortable that you have dealt with all problems on Earth and happy with my life.”

“This feeling that you have everything you need, and there are ailments and diseases, grandchildren will never get into an accident and all will be well, says Nick. – You know, I feel sorry for these people because they think that God does not need them. God gives peace, He gives hope – real hope that you can’t give money, hope, which overcomes guilt, shame, fear and lack of goals.”

In 2008, the true dream nick – he met his future bride and wife Kanae MIFARE. They fell in love each other at first sight.

Kanae admits that Nick seemed to her very beautiful and was amazed at their generosity and sense of humor. “At the moment when I met nick, I was looking for another relationship. And I found all this in it, she says. He could become not just my boyfriend, he could be my husband.”

Nick and Kanae. Photo: Nick Vujicic / Facebook

In 2012 the couple got married, and in a year was born. In 2015, Kanae gave birth to a second boy, a year ago, the family had two girls.

Because of his work, Nick may not always be close to my family. “In 2017 I spent away from home for 105 days. In 2018 it will be 84 days,” he says. But when Nick is home, he is fully focused on his family.

Photo: Nick Vujicic / Facebook

“Every week when I’m home, we Too go on a date. I also think to start out separately, with the eldest son once a week. And I don’t want to forget about your family, so every two weeks meeting my mom and sister.” He believes it is important for a relationship to spend time together, turning off the phones. “The fact that these people are in our lives – a great gift and we should cherish it.”

Nick admits that even home does not always help his wife with the kids, so primary care of the children falls on the shoulders of Kanae. But he still found a way to take care of them.

“Love surrenders all. Love knows no limitation, knows no limitations and excuses that would stop him to chat with our babies, my husband, writes his wife Kanae on his Facebook page. They love their dad. Nice to see how they are quietly waiting to meet him, they love to touch his face and pull his beard”.

Photo: Nick Vujicic / Facebook

But most importantly, teach their children Nick, be grateful and help others. “Kiyoshi only 5 years old, but he cares about everyone around you, especially your dad (I didn’t teach him this). He does this because of the great love of his father. My heart just melts!” writes Kanae.

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