Night talk with God

Did you doubt whether God hears your prayers? Natalia Kalashnikov from Buryatia very worried about this issue, and she decided to ask him to God. And got the answer…

Since childhood, God in a special way kept Natasha. When she was still an infant, parents were walking down the street with a stroller, in which she was lying, during a thunderstorm. Where just drove the carriage, was struck by lightning.

At the age of 13 during a fire Natasha burnt, not only outside but also received internal burns. When she was brought to the hospital, the situation was so severe that parents were told to prepare for the funeral. But by the grace of God Natasha saved. This is acknowledged even by doctors. It is very well studied, but dropped out when he became disabled.

Falling under a bad influence, Natasha went off the rails: tobacco, vodka, drugs. Because of this lifestyle she became ill with tuberculosis, went to the hospital and there in the brochure learned about God. She began to think about his past life, about all the abominations of sin in which she lived. She wanted to learn more about salvation.
Once in the hands of Natasha came to the newspaper “the Hidden Treasure”, and she wrote a letter to the editor. This letter was forwarded to us who believe in the immediate locality. We went over to her, but not surprised, since she was on treatment. We left her the Bible and other spiritual literature.

Natasha, after treatment of strong antibiotics became deaf. It could only communicate with letters. I wrote her, after I learned that it was the answer to her prayer. She asked God a man with whom could communicate on spiritual topics.

We started corresponding, and sometimes visited her. When we first saw her, she was in a serious condition. The TB did the trick. The lungs is almost gone. Natasha several times a day on oxygen, she was the strongest shortness of breath. Even a little exercise was for her hard work. The doctors told her mom that she was ready for her daughter’s death.

Natasha took a course of lessons on studying the Bible, and since the condition could not take water baptism, it took a member of the Church on confession of faith. She became acquainted with the principles of health, began to implement them in her life, her health improved.

Natasha wonderful experiences with the Lord. It is all work that she can’t do, performs with Jesus and aware of his complete dependence on Him.

Natasha strikes with his optimism and patience. She never grumbles, though sometimes experiencing intense pain and shortness of breath. Always thanking God that through illness drew her to him.

Natalinas dream was water baptism full immersion as the Bible says it is. But before the baptism started difficulties. First, a very sick mother, she went to the hospital. After the very Natasha was taken to the er with pain and heavy breathing. The Church prayed for her. It was easier, although the doctors believed that with such a diagnosis makes no sense to spend on her drugs. In the hospital Natasha has been through a special experience with Jesus. Here is what she said.

It was in the hospital. I couldn’t lie down because of severe dyspnea, panting. Also had a fever and wanted to sleep. Not to fall, if you fall asleep, I turned the chair and leaned on his back, but not fall asleep. Don’t know how long I sat, but caught myself talking to the Lord at first a whisper, and then aloud. I again that night confessed all his sins which he can remember for his life. I asked for His forgiveness, for help, for protection, that the Lord Himself touched me and cleansed from everything that bothers me, which defiles me. Asked about the healing and strengthening of my strength, if it be His will. A lot I that night was said of Jesus, thanking him for His mercy and love, for patience, for salvation, for His sacrifice. Because He protects me, delivers from death, gives time to repent. In General, sat and talked with her as a Friend, told me everything that was on the heart.

At this point I had a strong desire to learn, hear me Jesus? Maybe He has turned Her face from me? Probably, at that moment I needed to strengthen faith, to receive encouragement and support. It was a watershed moment for me. I plucked up the courage and asked, “Jesus, can You hear me? You’re right here beside me or I don’t need You? Lay my petition before Your face? I need to know, please respond. If You’re with me, then give me a sign so I know that You need me. If You’re around, there obwa me the breeze”. Then I fell silent. It was so quiet. Two minutes later is gentle, warm breath of the breeze, like a warm summer evening bring me even a hair moved from the breeze. It was God’s answer. Like I asked, so He answered. It’s like my soul took wings and fluttered! I was overjoyed and thanked the Lord for His great love and mercy to me, unworthy sinner.

It is impossible to describe the joy, peace, rejoicing, gratitude and excitement that I experienced that night. After my conversation with the Lord continued, the pain receded and became easier to breathe. I was able to lie down and sleep. This morning I woke up and felt better. Importantly, in the soul peace and quiet. Despite all the sickness and the sentence of doctors, I am at peace because Christ is near. He holds my hand and leads. And whatever the doctors said, I know: “the Lord will redeem the souls of His servants: and none who hope in Him shall not perish” (Psalm 33:23). The verdict of doctors I have left little, but all the will of God. He knows what’s best for me. The main thing is not to lose sight of Him.

This wonderful experience with Natasha was described in the poem.

Yes! I know I’m not alone
And with me dear Jesus.
He supports me, my Friend,
He is my brother and my Father my mother.
In Jesus hands I sleep
And I sleep peacefully throughout the night.
And with happiness in his eyes I say
Jesus loves me like a daughter.
He, the Savior, forgive me of my sin
And washed me with Holy Blood.
And I do not need dirty pleasures,
May Jesus be near me.
I don’t need the tobacco and wine
And impure thoughts, all of you!
I am looking forward to That,
The only One who can help.
You don’t think I’m not alone
Say here in the house.
Here with me is my Lord sits
And prayers flow like water.

Despite all the difficulties, the Lord fulfilled Natashina dream — she was baptized.

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