Nikolo-Ugreshskaya Seminary continues a series of youth educational camps


10 July 2018 on the black sea coast has completed its work of educational camp for youth “Christian Abkhazia. The ascent to meaning.” The camp was held in the Republic of Abkhazia and was the second such event held Nikolo-Ugreshskaya Seminary.

The following youth programme “Crimea Christian: the Journey together” will be held from 16 to 23 August in the Crimea, in Feodosiya, the website of the Seminary. Detailed information about the project presented on the site and in the group “Vkontakte”.

Camp “Christian Abkhazia” was held from July 1 to July 10 and was hosted by Ugresha theological Seminary and the parish Church of the Archangel Michael at clinics on the Maiden field. The educational communication program of the camp included lectures on the study of the Scriptures, discussions on the issue of interfaith and inter-religious dialogue, a series of Evangelical groups in the book of Acts, the practical classes on the study of specific issues of worship and understanding of the gospel. Within the camp, the participants made several pilgrimages and trips, visiting Pitsunda (an ancient Christian name – Pitiunt), Ritsa lake and Alpine meadows, the Gega waterfall, known from the movie “the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” as Reichenbach), Kamana, place the death of Saint John Chrysostom, the Martyr and the beginning of the IV century Basilisk. The most important Shrine of Abkhazia, which was the Central point of the programme of the camp was the city of New Athos new Athos the ancient monastery, the cave-grotto of St. Simon the zealot, and Anakopia fortress. Great interest was aroused among the participants of the ancient Mokva Cathedral of the X century Church in Ilori, Drandsky monastery.

Classes of educational camp program was conducted. f.N. a fellow of the Institute of RAS S. V. Miller, project Manager, teacher at the Seminary of S. V. Rogun, A. V. Marnova, teacher at the Seminary of V. V. Talalaev, with the support of the organizational groups Mikhail Vasilyuk (catechist and youth worker Church of the Archangel Michael at clinics on the Maiden field), Olga Baryshnikova, Elizabeth Mizukawa, Mary Ivanilova, Anastasia Kochenova.


Ended the trip official meeting with the leadership of the pearl of Abkhazia Gagra city. The mayor of the city G. K. Sichinava and his Deputy G. P. Tsvizhba, despite the employment preparation to the meeting of foreign delegations, kindly agreed to meet and hear from the organiser of the camp, and a representative of the Seminary. Plans to continue youth recreation and pilgrimage to the shrines of Abkhazia was interested in the leadership of the city of Gagra as the beneficial factor for the development of resort recreation and youth communication.

The main feature of the camp were in Abkhazia, according to one participant, “a successful attempt to organize the team different, but the common Christian system of values of people.” The camp was “a successful Orthodox Christian project, leaving behind wonderful memories and the fruit of the spirit within each participant”

The next camp is in August this year will be held in the Crimea, at Feodosiya, which means “God-given”. As part of the camp will be a trip to the largest cave city of the Crimea Mangup Kale, Sevastopol, as well as on the pilgrimage route with visiting of Christian Holy places with the participation of the missionary Department of the diocese of Feodosiya. Under the guidance of teachers Nikolo-Ugreshskaya seminaries will be held lectures and discussions on issues of Christian faith and life Orthodox worship, understanding of the gospel, the relationship of Orthodoxy with Catholicism and Protestantism. A particularly important part of the program will be free and interactive lessons in English language and the study of religious vocabulary from an etymological approach, “behold the root of the word.”

Includes visit of Museum of Underwater Archaeology, at the Dacha stamboli in Feodosia, with participation in archaeological diving, under favorable conditions. The camp plan to visit interesting people. One of them, the Director of Maritime safety “Crimean sea ports” Akulich E. G., in the past, the legendary captain of the icebreaker “Kapitan Khlebnikov” and a wonderful storyteller, will lower the degree of summer heat, memories of a tourist cruise to the Antarctic, inquisitive Royal penguins and ice romance.

Planned to meet with the Metropolitan of Feodosia and Kerch Plato. The Central theme of the camp will focus on the spread of Christianity in ancient States, the issues of interaction of Church in a rapidly changing, multicultural society.

To participate in the camp from 16 to 23 August in the Crimea it is necessary to send a request to the address [email protected] or fill out the application form on the website and to make early registration fee of $ 15400 rubles. On receipt of the application the member will be sent all the necessary record information. Contact phone – +7(901)517-06-98 or +7(926)796-82-12. Registration of participants – up to 5 Aug.

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