“No shows experiences of victims of road accidents”

Against the background of terrorist attacks and aircraft accidents victims of accidents often go unnoticed. But accidents happen every day. According to police, in Russia in 2017, occurred about 170 thousand, as a result of 215 thousand received injuries of varying severity and more than 19 thousand people were killed. We felt it was important to tell about these people and their loved ones. It’s three stories of life before and after the accident, the history nepereinami grief and attempts to cope with the new circumstances. 18 November – world day of remembrance for road traffic victims.

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  • Accident, or my Dear stranger
  • The parents of the survivors of the accident children wrote a farewell letter to the driver-hero
  • About 10% of road accidents occur due to drowsy driving
  • Relatives of the deceased in the accident Muscovite asking to amend the criminal code, the punishment for causing harm pregnant

“Brought after the accident, the child could not be saved”
Natalia Lviv, 28 years

Eugene and Natalia Lions lived in one of the prefabricated high-rises in the North-West of Moscow, next to 140 acres of the landscape Park Mitino. In this Park, with a basket of fruit and a blanket in June 2018 they came to the family picnic, to quietly celebrate the tenth year of Dating.

Natalia and Eugene

And soon about the Lvov family, said almost all of the Federal mass media: “the Driver of the BMW struck a pregnant of 9 months pregnant woman. The daughter she was due in two weeks, could not be saved. Herself, Natalie died a few days in the hospital. The second victim is in serious but stable condition. Women waited in the crosswalk for the green light, but they knocked off the pavement car”.

– She was on the bus to go home… But that day the weather was good, the sun, and apparently, Natasha decided to take a walk in the Park… and this popped up… – Eugene struggle with every sentence. – Called her at 16:00, when she should be home, not answer, the subscriber is not available. Scored the mother-in-law began to call for an ambulance… We were told only that she was at the Botkin hospital, in intensive care.

I thought I was in labor, grabbed the bag that Natasha had prepared for the hospital, arrive, and I was the ICU doctor said: “I don’t know what happened, but was brought after the accident, the child could not be saved, the wife is in a critical condition”. The next day found out what happened.

Funeral Natalia and baby Diana in the temple at the Vostryakovskoye cemetery. To say goodbye came even midwives from the hospital. In those days Lions were held only with antidepressants, Eugene lost seven pounds.

And after the funeral a package arrived from the United States shortly before the accident, Natalia ordered care. Soon all things are bought for the baby, cot, car seat, pacifiers, overalls, caps – Eugene was taken to the temple merciful Saviour in Mitino. Says rector, periodically calls him, asks how you are.

They met as thousands of young families – the Dating app in the “Vkontakte”. Eugene drew attention to a picture of a girl with long hair in a red tunic, standing on the red square. Natalia moved to Moscow from the Ukrainian town of Sumy and entered the University on faculty of nanotechnology. Mom says the word “engineer” her childhood seemed so mysterious. Although Eugene is the first education is also engineer, he helped Natalia with Humanities, and it is for him pleasure was calculated from the formula. “We complemented each other. I like the water, it is like soda,” barely smiling at Eugene. And so it went on.


– The time spent as all – walking, friends, shopping malls. I now think it’s a shame that all time long was at work, came in the evening, ate, chatted, fell to sleep, in the morning went out again. And she always supported me. If something happened, said: “Jack, think normal thoughts materialists”. Natasha she’s so… well done, found some words. We never had a fight… That there is a type of people with whom to quarrel not.

However, a job like Natalia had no time to find. While studying worked part time in a clothing store, then a Bank loan. Colleagues in the insurance firm playfully named Natalia “high change” – she was very attentive to everything.

– Fond of food photography. We bought the camera, background. I’ll cook something and says: “do Not eat, first take a picture of it,” smiling slightly Eugene. – Started a blog, started publishing these pictures.

Engagement ring Eugene picked up the entire jewelry shop. And then in the restaurant when Natalia was distracted, took it and asked with a trembling voice. “Of course,” was the answer.

And the wedding planning is terrible – smiling Eugene. One restaurant is not suitable, then the other. She’s meticulous so… basically, the training she was engaged, well and me for a drag. It was very hard, like all men, I guess.

Their wedding took place on 4 October 2014. Did a photo shoot in the Botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences, promised to love each other and be together in sorrow and in joy till the end of his days.

Natalia and Eugene

Now… well, it’s not life… I don’t even know how to say… Friends in the city were taken away, colleagues pojavili work. Sometimes nothing and other times as a rush… All these lawsuits take so much energy, like a vampire, they’re already exhausted. Still lasts a result, on August 8, was assigned to the examination, four months have passed, but not ready. During this time you can plane disassemble the molecules and see.

Eugene finishes his already cold coffee.

– I felt better, but only if the legislation is changed, or at least this idea will be brought up for discussion. We even 9-month-old baby in the womb is not considered a person. He has no rights, it’s a fruit. Although the doctors in intensive care, the Diana was trying to save. And if Natasha was still alive, and the child died, he would be considered serious harm.

Just think about it: the driver killed two people and will be punished for one. And on whose side the law? Whom does it protect? We all stand up for demographics and the child is not in any way protected. It’s a person alive! Natasha’s phone survived video where she’s stroking the stomach, and Diana answers it… I buried two people. Stood two coffins…

Eugene wants to ensure that “the perpetrator got the maximum punishment, at least under the article “Violation of traffic rules, entailed on imprudence death of the person”.

Mother Natalia is a nurse in the ICU in the cancer center im.Blokhin. Recalls how the daughter came to Kashirke and sighed, “How do you work here?”.

A year ago, Lyudmila, Natalia, chose the kitchen in her apartment in the suburbs. Lyudmila wanted the white furniture with a countertop of wood, but the budget did not fit. Then Natalia said, “Mom, you now can not buy, and then you’ll be sorry”.

– Without tears in the kitchen now you will look… – cries Lyudmila. – Wake up thinking about Natasha, go to sleep. She was waiting for baby just glowed. So it was nice to see her happy. And I so got used that all is well, and now feel like I’m walking through the ruins, looking for something, and what you find? Of life plans do not build… Go to a psychologist, trying to find some meaning in their life.

When Natalia did not, Eugene hugged his mother: “you had a daughter and now a son”. So they stay together. Lyudmila, Eugene and his mother and a cat with a Peach – once Natalia picked him up on the street and brought her mother in law. Photo Natalia hung and Concierge at the entrance, where they lived Lions, said: “such a bright man”.

– And over there is the English club, where Natasha went, – says Eugene, pointing at the one standing across the street from shopping center. – November 7 she would have turned 29 years old. Went yesterday at the cemetery. She loved peonies, I brought her… she’s, you know, all the tomb in flowers. But soon they should be removed, freeze promise.

After the accident, I was like a prisoner in your own body
Alex Tolcheev, 23 years

“Good day! My name is Tolcheev Alex. In 2014 I had an accident, since to recover. I’m good at. And I need your help. Please help me to rehabilitation.” The young man in the video says in a whisper, making deep breaths – words are hard, but he tries to pronounce every letter. Visible on the neck a small ball joint – track from a tracheostomy.


It was the usual for Tolcheeva Saturday night. Elena, I think was sort of, her husband Edward, like, watched a movie. I only remember that the son of Lyosha called at 21.00 and were told that now it will be taken by the classmate, the guys will meet for half an hour and come home. Promised not to linger to 9 a.m. again, Alex just got hired as a consultant in MVideo, after classes at the University went on shift. Elena says that he was never a “Mama’s boy”, but always understood the parent’s, therefore call-back: “alive and well”.

A meeting place was the Parking lot behind the former movie theater, now a shopping center “salute”. Fans of cars and roads, they could not choose something else- not the atmosphere.

Around 22:00 to Elena approached the youngest daughter, the schoolgirl Olesya: “Mom, Anton is calling you asking”. Surprised, Elena took the phone: “Aunt Lena, he had an accident. We are about “Salute””.

Grabbed things and was dressed already in the Elevator, ran across the frozen asphalt, through the barely-lit courtyards and deserted squares – straight to the meeting place.

Cars Alex Tolcheev fond childhood, hung out in garages. Relatives say he could repair the machine on the touch and wanted to open his own tire shop – “this love”. He rested, taught physics for the past two years in his backpack was only this textbook, passed the exam for the highest score in school history – 81 and entered the budget in the automobile-road Institute. And in honor proceeds the grandmother gave him a VAZ-2114.

What else? Karate workouts three times a week from 1st to 9th grade. About 20 medals and 6 cups for the technique. Trips to orphanages with friends gave them sweets and toys, and once arrived at the cars, brought the paint, and guys were painted directly on the hood. Was still KVN University team, weekly roundups, and rewriting jokes again.

Before the accident

When I then told him that he was lying after the coma, like a vegetable. Lyosha said, “Like a dandelion, or what?”

Now, remembering this phrase, Elena may be a little smile. And four years ago, in the ICU, she saw her son after the accident, so the temperature under 40, artificial ventilation, tracheostomy and gastrostomy, probe, diapers, diapers and slid down the wall.

– I felt fear and panic due to the fact that they could not Express their thoughts, could not communicate with the outside world, just lie there and meekly forced to watch everything going on – so Alex described his condition when he came to himself. I can imagine that you are unable even to raise his hand, to utter a single word, like a prisoner in my own body. All I could do at that moment is to breathe, and thanks to tracheostome.

From the hospital he was discharged in February, three months later. One doctor-military by Tuleevym said: “We give you little baby that you’ll be learning to talk, walk, eat. And don’t listen to anybody! Weep in the pillow and go on.”

Tolcheeva began to look for rehabilitation centers and specialists, and while waiting for the desired and sought means, according to Elena was grabbing all the children’s speech therapists, osteopaths, specialists in acupuncture, then went to the suburban rehabilitation center “Three sisters”.

The first steps he made half a year ago – slowly, with support. Now he can independently move around the apartment. He eats, writes every day in a big thick notebook their impressions about the day, or rewrites books from the home library. It is best to get to print. Alex has not learned to breathe properly due to adhesions on the ligaments, speaks quietly and not very clearly.

Edward established the wall with a ladder and elastic bands, in the hall Tolcheeva put the exercise bike, I bought a dumbbell. Found a speech therapist every Friday – lesson on Skype and daily repetition at home. Alex trains constantly.

Elena returned to the vendor on the wholesale basis, part-time. Olesya went to a teachers. Every day the queue they go with Alex for a walk – he’s not there yet. Sometimes it takes a best friend all winter they went to the hockey club “Diesel” gave them a hat, scarf, and free entrance to the matches. Alex recovered in the Institute, studying remotely.


– Painful to watch, like climbing up your child, doing something ridiculous. What to say… all our plans and dreams are turned upside down, – says Elena. – The most difficult thing now for Alesha find themselves in something else. To do what he loves, he’s not there yet.

But I have not ceased to love, – says Alexei. In his hoarse, had not yet recovered his voice – hope that everything will work out.

A year ago at his Institute, he organized a charity concert in favor of Andrei Nemov. 27-year-old man from Penza, too, like Tolcheev, was in the passenger seat when the car collided with a motorcycle.

He also wants to create a Fund to help disabled children and orphans. Came up with the name “Flock”. Explains it as “a Lone wolf is nothing you can do. But if he is in the pack and get into trouble, no one will. The wolf will do anything to help members of his flock.”

– Many people are afraid to fly on airplanes, although everyone knows that accidents involving cars is many times more. But getting into personal or public transport, we wonder if we get to the destination.

We always think that other can happen anything, but not with us.

Unfortunately, none of us is immune from accidents, accidents, diseases, and other “surprises” in the face of which we are completely helpless, regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult. But it’s my life and I will fight for it, – these lines Alex has written.

November 8 marked the four years since the car accident. This day spent in the rehabilitation center. His main plans for the future is to learn how to walk without someone to help me to speak better, he admits sheepishly. And at the end of the conversation he will add: “one must never give up, and in any case and in any situation to go to the end.”

Romka I was completely healthy and was very severely disabled

Roman Merenkov, 13 years old

Yulia Nesterova 35 years have not seen people with disabilities, especially children, until you hit the center of traumatology them. Roshal. There are guys from different cities tried to overcome the effects of traumatic brain injury, and among them was her son, 12-year-old Rum. 22 Aug 2017 he went by Bicycle to McDonald’s to eat potatoes, on the crossing waiting for a green light, and at this moment on the side of the passing lanes of the highway drove the car. As it turned out, the driver was in an alcohol intoxication.

– My sister and I are discussing and all I can’t believe all this is happening to us, quietly says Julia. – I think it’s a nightmare and we cannot Wake up from. It’s hard for me to come to work, where colleagues with children, peers, Romka, talk about their successes and I understand that my son…. (long pause) … never will. Some are now asking “Well, what success?” And I have nothing to brag about. With such severity of injury progress is very slow. To boast that he’s today a hand he raised, and we worked three months? And you all look, “Well, everything is clear”.

That day on the way to the hospital, Julia thought, “That’s broken now, probably, leg, and a week later on 1 September, the beginning of the year will miss…”. Roma was in a coma for 12 days, Julia saw him after craniotomy, tracheostomy and a feeding probe.

That’s when I got really scared. Romych was under the influence of drugs. He rolled his eyes. Then they opened, then again closed. The gaze is not focused. The son looked distraught. It was awful. I had not been able to look at it. Was released from intensive care and began to cry. It was at that moment I realized the magnitude of what happened.

In the history of the disease, the doctors wrote: “a Vegetative state. Requires constant care around the clock”.

Almost eight months the mother and son spent in hospitals and rehab. After the accident Julia has continued to work as an accountant, but remotely. Almost a year her schedule was this: at six in the morning rise, in three hours wakes son, feeding him, doing gymnastics, transplant, sanitize. For now, Roma is twenty minutes makes inhalation Julia sits next to the laptop, and so with any procedures. If you do not have time, finish reports at night. Her main assistant was the sister.

– The most terrible that people are left alone with this trouble. Some doctors square eyes, they don’t know what to do. And I have to replace a speech therapist, neuropsychologist, physical therapist, nurse, speech pathologist, massage therapist… two days before I was transferred from intensive care to the ward, the nurse me said: learn to do the reorganization. Say: “I’m scared”. And she answered: “Scared you will be when you are in recovery, and there are fewer nurses will go to other patients, and your child will start to choke”. So I’ve learned. But not always on all treatments have the strength, too much for one person leans.

One of the main desires of Julia is to have the entrance set of turning metal ramp. Then she and her son will be able to go outside. And while Roma are not walking.

Friends, colleagues and the Foundation “Pravmir” collected for Roma funds to pay for the course in rehab. With specialists and supplies helps the hospice “House of a lighthouse”.

Julia with her husband divorced, and after the accident their 8-year-old daughter went to live with dad. Every two weeks, Julia takes her to visit for the weekend, and the Lights helps to turn on the machines, talking with Roma. “It so happened that the rum was hit by a car, now it really hurts while he is”, Julia explained to her why the Roma can’t walk, talk, see, feed himself. And once the friendship of the brother and sister were surprised as neighbors – they were inseparable.

Play I have a very good. On their pocket money to buy food for cats or pigeons on the street, do not give when people in the yard asked to help, for example, something to convey. He was mad on cars, worked in the section of robotertechnologie… We usually spent the weekend actively – scooters or bikes left in parks, winter skating, and the Roma even taught me. – Julia thinks and after a couple of seconds adds. – The worst thing for a mother to see the child in this state.

Parents of children with disabilities Julia calls “a separate caste” “in trouble start looking at the world differently”.

Philosophical questions often torment: and whether it was necessary to do craniotomy, when it was known the consequences? That child is suffering? Why so unfair? Dystonic attacks plagued by a headache, it unscrews… Now learned to save, but they are not able to rehabilitate. I go to a psychologist, but as a normal mum I periodically wetting desperation. But I’m not going to go forward, if you give up and start the tears pouring flammable.

During the year Roma have grown by five centimeters. He does not control his body, but he hears and distinguishes between people. With strangers strained, with the mother relaxes and falls asleep. Recently started to move my hands and everyone had hope.

– We usually have people close their eyes to people with disabilities, if they are not affected. But this can be at any time. Romka I was completely healthy and was very severely disabled… I Wish such people were all kind.

Julia recalls how one day turned on the TV and there was a show about people after an accident. Then I was surprised that “show how after 10-15 years, all relatively healthy.”

But no one shows what we face. I correspond with parents from different cities and know how they beat consumables, sanatory, some catheters. Correctly would be to tell people that the recovery is long and complex, it goes over the years, and sometimes it does not happen at all… But apparently, it’s not such an interesting topic.

Fund “Pravmir” helps adults and children in need of restoration of the broken or lost functions after operations, injuries, accident, accidents, strokes and other diseases, rehabilitation. Because it is the most important thing in any difficult situation, do not give up. You can help not only once, but by subscribing to a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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