Nobody wanted to torture people

“I called an ambulance with trembling hands, could not remember the number of the entrance and the mother’s year of birth, although he knew both. A few days ago I had to relive the most terrible moments in life. Mom suffered from renal colic, trembling, shouted: “I die” and lost consciousness from the pain.” Why not all of the “correction of speech production” equally useful explains Anna Utkina.

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Anna Utkina. Photo: Anna Danilova

I also thought I would faint. More recently, I had to read a lot and write about the anesthesia. Memories of the case of General Apanasenko was fresh. I was afraid that mom will really die of shock right now, in front of me.

So I’m prepared to beg, to seek private clinics and frantically hammered in the searcher telephone hotlines. But the mother is anesthetized after a minute. It was the first thing a doctor did. The EMT rushed like in the movies, opened the suitcase and just when the question “let go?” mom replied “Yes”, distracted from her and asked for documents. A few years ago we could not even dream about that!

Miracles continued in the hospital.

“Does that hurt?” it is now the first question asked in the emergency room. I really thought that he had misheard.

Can you imagine? Not “where is the passport, without a passport will not take” no “wear overshoes” and “where does it hurt?”. Must be weird to thank for that, because it’s – well, still, I was eternally grateful. The mother began to inspect, treat, asking: “Sign here” only after it was convinced – she wasn’t hurt.

Here it is – the alarm, which has Nut Federmesser. You know, I didn’t korrigirovat would be speech production at the moment when the mother screamed in pain. It is difficult to correct when you see it every day. Not to korrigirovanija when people who you can help, have to suffer.

The problem of pain care, pain. The pain is white noise for those who are not experiencing. About her not want to think. That’s why it’s so hard to pay attention. The problem of anesthesia is what you should feel on your experience. And if before the word “anesthesia” is “the problem”, you will experience is a must. Alas.

When a person is sick, he’s always sick, bad, sad and scary. But, if he is also still painful, it is hell. Thank you, the reason doesn’t hurt. No matter who you are activist, doctor, nurse, manufacturer of medications. Thanks to you man do not hurt. It is worth living.

I think we all just didn’t know that was possible. I think the doctors and all the staff at the hospital where he had got the mother remained the same. Nobody entered medical school to torture people. Just now numb – not scary. Yes, it is possible to numb the pain of a suffering person and not be afraid that it will be put in prison. It will be nothing! As was once Alevtina Horinyak. I came to mom’s the next day, clean spacious room, friendly nurses and a doctor who comes to first ask, “Nothing hurts?”

Incredible, but it is not necessary to endure the pain. Unfortunately, not everywhere and not always. Many still cry for hours or until death. But pain relief is the bell that always rings at you or worse, your loved ones.

Mom was not hurt because someone spoke out. Not all of the correction speech products equally useful. She didn’t scream thanks to those who wrote and spoke about the availability of anesthesia. Those who supported Alevtina Horinyak did not give to send to Colonia Elena Mishurina. Thanks to those who are in favor of life on the rest of your life.

I am a resident of Moscow, in the twenty-first century, was stunned and overwhelmed by this discovery and thought that we probably just needed someone brave who would say, “Hey, why are you? Why can’t you just numb?” And then would be awakened as from a bad dream! And said, “Yes, indeed!” I was driving home and crying, my mother is still alive and she wasn’t hurt. You had to think about what a crossword puzzle to bring to the hospital, not about where to call to be rescued.

Can you imagine? You can just be numb.

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