Nomadic Fulani herdsmen brutally kill Christians in Nigeria

New attacks on Christians in Nigeria require you to send an accredited representative to the investigation of outbreaks of violence in this African country. One man, whose family is killed in Nigeria, calling the country the most dangerous place for Christians in the world.

Terrorist group Boko Haram is still a threat, but recent attacks on Christians in Nigeria at the hands of nomadic herdsmen from the Muslim Fulani people.

“There is a genocide. Nomads try to displace the Christians, they seek to claim their land and impose their religion, because they consider Christians infidels and pagans,” — explains the lawyer of the international human rights Emmanuel Ogebe.

Ogebe have recently lost loved ones, including a pregnant woman, her husband and children.

“They entered their house and killed four year old son and six year old daughter who slept in their beds,” he says.

Kalashnikov is too expensive for most nomads. Knowing its value, we can assume that some Fulani herdsman would have to sell all their cattle to purchase such a machine. But according to Ogebe, all these attacks are insidious people.

“Most of the cattle belongs to very rich people who are in government and in power. There is a strong belief that the ruling elite finances the Fulani herdsmen who commit these terrible attacks,” he says.

According to the Index of global terrorism 2001, the nomadic Fulani killed up to 16 thousand people. And according to Church leaders in Plateau state this year, the herders killed 6 thousand Christians. According to Ogebe, eliminating Christians, nomads will achieve political and economic dominance in the North and in Central Nigeria. Help the security requires thousands of believers.

CBN directs humanitarian groups in affected areas. And recently was sent to free medical care in the North-Central part of Nigeria, the victims and providing spiritual comfort.

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