President trump called North Korea a regime that is a pariah and said that his administration will continue to keep it from manufacturing nuclear missiles, which can strike at America. Some fear that the war of words between North Korea and America could lead to a military confrontation. According to some believers, the real way to win over North Korea is to defeat her in a false religion with the truth of the gospel.

People believe that North Korea is so dangerous for Christians and other believers, because it is godless. But in fact the opposite. Kim Jong Ynu is worshiped as God, and a religion based around idol-worship of the Kim dynasty.
Recently, Susan Solti (the Foundation of “Defence forum”) and author of “Juche” That’s Balki testified on Capitol hill about the religion of Juche, which was introduced in the DPRK is still the grandfather of Kim Jong-UN.

“He gave himself to God. His son, Kim Jong-Il is like Jesus, and Juche, their philosophy, the Holy Spirit,” says Susan Solti.

That is why, according to his widow, North Korea is suffering from so many troubles.

“The structure of the whole regime, is a perverted version of the Christian gospel,” Solti says.

Balki wrote the book “Juche: a Christian study of the state religion of North Korea”.

“Americans and people living outside of North Korea, to understand the way of thinking of its inhabitants, if they do not understand the religion of Juche and how North Koreans are brainwashed,” he says.

“They are brainwashed, so they worshipped their ruler throughout his life. They even have a special prayer they say “thank you, father Kim Il sung” after a meal. They have something resembling the creed of the apostles, which is designed to worship the Kim dictatorship,” he continues Susann Solti.

North Korea thinks America is so dangerous that constantly threatens her with nuclear weapons. However, Belke believes that the regime is more afraid of the power of the gospel than the American superpower.

“The Bible and the Christian gospel is the most destabilizing factor for the North Korean regime,” argues That Balki.

Solti said that the Creator of Juche, which then became a defector, said to her…

“Only the message of the gospel could break the stranglehold over the people of North Korea and to stop the brainwashing in the system,” she says.

Because it undermines the supposedly godlike power Kim.

“The Bible teaches that there is a Supreme sovereign God over all people, including the dictator,” continues Tom’s Balki.

Balci believes that the nickname “rocket man”, the dictator President trump has a similar and important impact.

“I think it should use. It really is a very apt nickname. It just makes fun of their idol,” says Tom of Balki.

Solti believes that if the North Koreans had the choice, they would be quite able to accept Christianity, rejecting Juche Kim: “You are a beloved child of God and created to be free. And they teach you to be a slave to the Kim family and that they need to devote to it all his life, and sacrificially die for her.”

Support Solti “radio Free North Korea” is one of the ways to take the gospel to the DPRK, at least one hour a day. She had heard that this has already led to the wonders in one city suffering.

“All the children died there of typhoid fever. And one woman listened to “radio Free North Korea” and wrote the sounded verses from the Bible. She decided: I will pray to them for healing his daughter. If this is true, if God exists, then my daughter will be healed.” Her daughter was the only one who survived this epidemic,” says Suzanne Solti.

Balki believes that such a power, and not nuclear weapons and missiles, will allow you to defeat the evil Kim: “the Spiritual powers and authorities that support the North Korean regime must be defeated. This is not achieved just politics as usual. This should happen through prayer and fasting. This is the work of the Church.”

Solti believes that first we need to declare a world day of fasting and prayer.

“I think it should be held on 28 April to mark the anniversary of the first Day of freedom North Korea,” she says.

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