It seems that the tone of the statements of North Korea has changed after the US President Donald trump has canceled a summit in Singapore. One North Korean official said that they are still willing to meet with the Americans. The President has decided to abandon the summit, finding of “bad faith” on the part of North Koreans. Now, all of you took a wait.

A bold step of the President of trump: a letter to Kim Jong Ynu, canceling a planned summit of leaders. The whole world is surprised by this move, however, the administration trump has seen it coming for several days.

“North Korea has the ability to put an end to decades of poverty and oppression, following the path of denuclearization and joining the community of Nations,” said trump.

After the meeting, Secretary Mike Pompeo with Kim, which was released three American prisoners, the North Koreans had not fulfilled their promises.

“The main thing is not itself a nuclear deal, and its result, isn’t it? — said Mike Pompeo. — It is necessary to achieve permanent significant changes and transformations which will allow us to change the world.”

After the Declaration of the trump North Korea seems to have changed his tone. Its high-level representative said the Kim regime still ready “to gain time and opportunity.”
But while the administration continues to trump’s campaign, the maximum pressure on the DPRK. Tough economic sanctions are intended to force to make concessions to this country, which is already facing a financial crisis. But in the first hours after the publication of the letters of President Harry Kazianis from the Center for the national interest expressed her fears that the North will go back to testing missiles.

“God forbid, if the North Koreans in the next couple of days will test new missile, and because any failure the rocket will fall on Seoul or Japan, or GUAM. Us will start a war, which will die, possibly millions of people,” he said.

According to him, time does not play into the hands of Kim. The more people are influenced by the world beyond the borders of North Korea, the more likely that they learn about a better life.

“This is what happens in such situations. So you begin to give people hope. They understand that life can be different. And they begin to insist on it,” said the Ambassador for international religious freedom Sam Brownback.

The White house claim that the ball is now on the side of North Korea.

“If and when Kim Jong UN decides to constructive dialogue and interaction, I expect,” said trump.

And while all this is happening, continue to pray for protection of believers in North Korea who still suffer for their faith. Let’s hope that God will free them and give them the freedom that they so need.

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