“Not enough money for milk – we were poor” – 3 heartwarming stories of the football world Cup

Life players teams world Cup is not like a fairy tale, on the road to success they are often waiting for test.

Luis Suarez with children. Photo: Facebook / Luis Suarez

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Luis Suarez: I had to show my wife his homework, and she corrects mistakes

Luis Suarez. Photo: Facebook / Luis Suarez

One of the strongest strikers in the world football player of the national team of Uruguay Luis Suarez was born in a poor family. He was 7 years old when his family moved to the capital Montevideo for a better life, but his parents did not work and only after 2 years they divorced. Louis and his four brothers and two sisters still live with her mother.

Parents are constantly busy working and raising seven children, there was time just to talk with his son, his only joy was football. “They lived separately, we had a lot, some left the family, mom worked all day, dad worked so hard to learn from parental experience: how to live, how to cope with rapid growth and how to act when I will succeed”.

That all changed when at 15 years in the life of the footballer appeared Sophie. A girl from wealthy family are not embarrassed by the poverty of her beloved and the fact that he was moonlighting as a janitor.

Luis admits that it was thanks to Sophie, he was able to achieve much in life.

When a young man wanted to drive out of the football club “Nacional” for chronic truancy and tardiness, she was in control and tried to do stupid things. She forced Louis to learn and constantly helped him with his homework.

“Sophie wanted to help, to show that life is full of possibilities. No it was all about football – it can be combined with study. She just asked me to take her – she made me learn. I had to show her my homework in which she corrected the error. I opened up a new world which was different from the that sell phone cards to gather money for the road, and walk all night,” said the player in an interview.

Louis and Sophie. Photo: Facebook / Luis Suarez

Because it is Luis moved to Europe. He was 16 when Sophie’s dad lost his job in Uruguay, the girl’s family moved to Barcelona. The couple were upset, thought it was the end of their relationship. But after only 3 years Luis has signed a contract with Dutch club Groningen and moved to Europe.

Luis Suarez with his wife and children. Photo: Facebook / Luis Suarez

In March 2009, they married, and now the couple is expecting a third child.

Romelu Lukaku: I promised my mother that she will never live in poverty

Romelu Lukaku, striker Belgium, was also born in a poor family. His father was left without money after his football career, and his mother didn’t have work.

He was only 6 years old when he decided that I have to achieve a lot in life. He had noticed before that their home has no electricity, and the bread his parents buy a loan, but one day changed his life forever.

Romelu Lukaku. Photo: Martin Rickett / PA Wire

“One day I came home, walked into the kitchen and saw my mom, as usual, with a carton of milk. But it with something mixed it. I didn’t understand what was happening. She then brought me a lunch and smiled as if everything was fine. But I immediately realized what was happening.

She mixed water with milk. We did not have enough money to drink milk all week. We were poor. Not just the poor beggars” – he said in the article on the website Theplayerstribune.com.

Romelu drank their watered down milk and remember this day for life. “I made a promise to myself that day. I knew exactly what to do and what you intend to do,” he said afterwards.

In 6 years he promised his mother that will be a good player and she will never live in poverty.

He soon fulfilled his promise. In 15 years, the young man scored 26 goals in 17 matches. His game attracted the attention of leading clubs, and at 16 he signed his first contract with the Belgian club Anderlecht, and in March 2009 for the first time stepped on the field.

Romelu Lukaku with his parents and brother. 2010.

“The day we lost, but I was already in heaven. I have fulfilled the promise given to my mother. I knew we’d be good,” he said later about his first match.

Nacho fernández: “the Doctor said that my days in football are numbered”

Nacho Fernandez, player of the Spanish national team, he became a professional football player despite the serious diagnosis of diabetes.

Nacho Fernandez. Photo: Nacho Fernández Iglesias / Facebook

He was 12 when he began to notice problems with health. At the hospital, he ran some tests and was diagnosed with diabetes 1-go type. “I went to the hospital to know the diagnosis, when they had to play against real Madrid in the competition. The doctor told me that my days in football are numbered” – says Nacho.

For a teenager it was a blow, it seemed, the dream of becoming a professional athlete is not given to come true. Fortunately, after three days he came to his family doctor – Dr. Ramirez. “He told me completely different things: on the completion of a career can not be considered. This moment was the key to my disease physical activity is extremely important.”

Nacho Fernandez. Photo: Nacho Fernández Iglesias / Facebook

Nacho watches his diet, regularly measures the sugar is insulin, and believes that illness forced him to pay more attention to their own health. “This disease always with you, but when you do things right, and it’ll feel good.”

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